Perfect room, or house :)

Hi. For a house, an apartment, or a room, for humidity and sound isolation, to keep that place really cool, one idea is to cover the walls (and maybe the ceiling..) with cork plaques. There are two kinds of cork. Or with a lighter color, and another with a darker color. The one with the lighter color is brown, regular brown. The one with the darker color is almost black. It's cork, made with the cork oak bark. It's a Portuguese production, since there are many cork oaks here, mostly in the south. The cork is a natural really great humidity and sound isolation material. There is for sale, even online, here in Lisbon much of that in the big hardware stores, like Leroy Merlin, or Aki and so. These cork plaques that are sold are usually for covering the floor, used as a pavement. But they can be used for just about anything. And I think they're not expensive at all. And, please see this, the cork plaques can't be fixed in the walls with glue. That way it wouldn't even last no time. They have to be fixed to the walls with screws, on the walls, and maybe on the ceiling. Those plaques that are sold here in Lisbon, for covering pavements (on the floor) are squares of about 40x40cm. And it isolates from cold, and heat, during summer. Perfect, isn't it?.. And natural. If you can, and want, you can after that, after covering the walls with double cork plaques, one black, and on top another brown, cover the walls (and maybe ceiling) with wood (real wood) thin plaques. And varnish it. It would be so cool, wouldn't it?.. A perfect place. Or a perfect room. Hope you like it. Thanks :)


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