Clean the air of the planet :)

How can you do that?.. Clean the air of the planet?.. It's simple, you'll see. I really do believe you just gotta spread spores, vegetable spores, all over the air of our planet. I mean, the air of our planet is quite alive, it's got lots of life (in the good sense and also the bad sense), and certainly it's got like lots and lots of vegetable spores, that the wind carries and that come from the trees and the plants. The sea, is easy, like the algae things I've talked before. But the air, and also the ground, that the ground may not be very fertile, and may not produce much vegetables, like in agriculture, it may be more fertile (I believe) this way. With natural vegetable seeds, any vegetable that is put into the ground already fertilizes the ground. Not by consuming vegetables like with fire. That is only gonna cause more carbon monoxide (CO). Create more life, give our planet's life one chance, like more chances. The planet may really need it. And we cert…

Model to print in 3d

This link is to download a file that is a 3d model I've made. It's in .obj format and you can view it online at: . I suppose you can print it in 3d though it may be expensive (about 120€). It's a cup and I've called it "the graal". It's about 25cm high.
Hope you like it
Thanks :)

Hemp: fermented or toasted?..

Hi. I saw a few days ago this add on ebay about fermented hemp tea. Around 20€ from Lithuania. I already tried fermented green tea and I can assure you that is much better than the usual green tea. More aromatized. So, when I receive the fermented hemp tea what will it be like?.. Toasted hemp is also great. Less strong, and easier to take. Very particular, and just the same good. Thanks for listening :)

Ginseng overdose

I come to talk a little bit about Ginseng. To myself, Ginseng is a great plant. Very new in the West, and with many benefits to our health. I only know two kinds of Ginseng. Panax Ginseng and Ginseng G115. I believe Ginseng has got (like Cannabis and cannabinoids) something that is ginsenosids. With the root powder (Ginseng is a root) there isn't much stress, and taken with moderation, it cannot go much far. But with the Ginseng extracts, with high concentration of ginsenosids, it is a little bit different. The heart can speed up, one can become a little nervous, there may be some instability. But, to myself, I believe it is so much worth taking, with much interest to the health. One must be careful, and if one time it's too much, the next time it should be taken in a less portion. I believe it can be taken in the form of intravenous injections. I never ever have either heard of this, nor tried it. But I believe it is possible. To Medicine. Thank you.

Medicinal hemp maybe :)

In the United States of America, and in Canada (and some more countries) cannabis and marijuana are legal, and things are pretty much alright. In Portugal, and all other countries, hemp is legal, and people could have access to any sort of hemp they wish. This is what I think. Hemp is cannabis, but without the hallucinogenic element. Hemp, to myself, is very good and I take it, not much, and I feel great. Especially physically. Very much. But in terms of some sort of satisfaction, of some sort of way that we may think about marijuana, of some sort of " a better hemp" that the ones we already have, that is something very worth thinking about, in my opinion. Medicinal hemp, in fact. Like vitamines, or multi-vitamines.That is important because I feel I need little bit more than the best hemp that I know. Which is industrial hemp. The more fresh, the one that is better to the lungs, and to the feelings. When I had that stress with the industrial hemp, I got 128 heartbeats, bu…

The cancer and the mind

Hi I'm gonna share a point of view that I have, and that I would like to share. The cancer. The cancer is a disease that kind of disconnects us from our environment at the present moment. I mean, we are at the sea level, but somehow our body acts or reacts like if we were at the top of a mountain. At high or very high altitude. But, try to see this, as the body could react and act as if it was at the top of the highest mountain, it could also react and act as if it was at the deepest places of the sea. The Earth ground which is in some places covered by water, the sea. This calls my attention to the issue of pressure. More pressure or less pressure.  That disconnection causes disease and our body starts to malfunction. Things can go much far and the disease can be terrible. I believe. Our mind is dreams, our mind has wings, our mind flies deep into the more far regions of space, and that is called Astral Projection. Solar system and the moons of the planets. In the Andes, the ind…

Nettle soup


My mom many years ago made here at home nettle soup. A friend of her recommended her. The nettle grows all around, anywhere in the wild. So we just got to pick it up, wash well, and use it. It's really good, we use it for tea, and I believe it has many benefits to our health. The soup is great. Just a regular soup, with potatoes, turnips, and anything you want to add and then the nettle!.. I take it straight, dried and powdered.

Hope you like it. Thanks :)