A mostrar mensagens de Junho, 2016

Weed stress will manage :)


My point of view regarding the weed issue. You may know that I already had stress with weed, and it's written here. I shall go straight to the point. Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis are 100% Ok, and can be used with absolute safety. This includes the hemp and some hallucinogenic weed. Cannabis Indica can be pretty dangerous. The weed I smoked, and also the hasch I smoked, when I was 17 (and that caused me the stress), was, from my perspective, made of this cannabis type. This is what I feel. This is my vision. This is what I figured out, as years passed by, and if I may say, quite some time ago. I don't say that we can't handle Cannabis Indica, I just say that it's much more difficult. It's much more powerful, and with much more medicinal use. Thank you so much for hearing me. I'll be online.

Thank you so much :)

Goa Boom mix :)


01. Various Artists - DM Records - Let There Be Light - Astral Projection
02. Mystica - Angels Love
03. Ra - Universal Key
04. Filteria - The Big Blue
05. Cyan - Space Cadet
06. Holymen - The Formula
07. MFG - Peaceful Relaxation
08. Brain Accent - Anno Domini
09. Holymen - Desert Storm
10. Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix)
11. Transwave - Goacore
12. Various Artists - Prana - Rainbow Spirit
13. Indoor - The Key
14. Etnica - Mankind (Original Mix)
15. Various Artists - Blue Flame - Shape The Future - MFG
16. Holymen - Furious George
17. Filteria - Stars (StarStuff Remix)
18. Various Artists - The Sleeper Must Awake - Astral Projection & MFG
19. Various Artists - Smooth Elevator - Rainbow Spirit
20. Eyal Barkan - Good Morning Israel (Original Mix)

Thanx :)