kung-fu thesis - a tryout

Introductory notes
Kung-Fu for me. My father was a bit set in the martial arts, long time before I was born. Made boxing when he was young, studying, the books, Jiu-Jitsu and  Yoga,and he had always been a healthy person, until he was not. My father always had, maybe transmitted by my grandparents, a great sense of moral justice, and emotional rectitude too. We five children were raised that high principles environment, particularly justice, which was I think what mattered to my Father.
So, since I was little, I saw here at home those  books of Jiu Jitsu and Yoga. He even  had one that was called "yoga of the eyes" ( "Yoga des yeux" in the original). I remember seeing on TV the "Kung Fu" series with the actor David Carradine. I remember perfectly well seeing  in the television the series "The Young Shaolin Heroes", perhaps when I was sixteen or seventeen years of age, and this was a television series that I noticed particularly. I had at home, purchased by me, a book of Kung-Fu. A kind of technical book. I read this book as soon as I bought it. I no longer have it, and I do not remember what the author was. Now, in this book, It had the whole history of Kung Fu, as well as very good tips on good health. It referred to what was really happening at the Shaolin Temple in China. It spoke of the labyrinth that the Shaolin students had to cross to get out of the Temple. It spoke in the marks on the wrists, a Tiger in the left arm and a Dragon on the right arm. And the series,allthough I never have seen it complete,  was an immersion in this fabulous world of martial arts , and in particular, the valiant and courageous students who chose the path of entering this temple, and thus complete their mission, or never leave the Temple.
I consider myself a person who likes a lot (and always liked) to change. For me, to change is to live. Life is change, cycles of nature, which are repeated in a spyral of time, that takes us to an increasingly better world, and more developed. Kung Fu, to me, means just that. Changing the body. On reflection, the mind changes too, of course. Therefore, and in short, Kung Fu, for me, is to change me and transform me, in this spyral of personal, physical and mental development, and of course, emotional.
Chapter 1 - The Physical
Chapter 1-1 - Overview
Our body. I think that our body is constantly evolving. I do not think the phenomenon of the evolution is only from generation to generation. I feel like I'm in constant evolution, and if we put the question to have children, I feel that the son I have today, will be different  from the child I have tomorrow, or within a year. I feel this very well.
Our body is composed of parts. Of, let's say, small pieces that make up a set, and that works in harmony, and, above all, it is very, very delicate. Much fragile. We always have to be very careful with our body. What we do. What we eat and drink. This spirit, of our body being, so to speak, sacred, the Temple of God, is a very important notion, that we should have, as soon as we learn it, all over our future life.
Our body can be affected by external factors such as the temperature of the air or the atmosphere, and it can be affected by internal factors, such as what we eat and drink, or internal factors. To feel really good, we have to maintain a real harmony between our inner and our outer "world". Whether through meditation, or through something we take. This harmony between our outer and our inner "world" is fundamental, and can bring us many benefits, as a great happiness, or an encounter with Love.
This harmony between the Cosmos and the Self, is in my opinion, focused on ourselves being in the center of our universe, and we connect much to the Astral Bodies, which will be the Stars and Planets. Mostly the Stars. The stars they influence us a lot, with their heat and their light. With their invisible radiation. We can say that they are living beings, and that at  a limit, your thinking is their thinking. We can say that we are connected to the Stars by the phenomenon of emotional telepathy, and that they are the guardians of our emotional stability, and therefore all our mental balance. Now there are many types of stars in the universe. There are the yellow Stars, like our sun. There are the Blue Giants, there are the Red Giants. There  are  White Dwarfs and black holes. There are Quasars and Pulsars. There are Neutron Stars, and,surely, many other stars in the universe.
Therefore, our body is subjected to external influences, and internal influences through what we eat and drink.
Chapter 1-2 - Our center: the Bones
I saw a while on television, a program about our body, which said that a simgle bone of the leg or arm is extremely hard. It can support up to hundreds of kilograms of pressure. So if we have a healthy skeleton, and strong, we have the capacity of a high resistance to problems, and adverse situations that may arise in our lives. I believe that somewhere in our skeleton, is in the true center of gravity of our body, and maybe also the center of our mind.
I believe our skeleton consists of  solid cells with lots of calcium, hollow (empty inside)  and  that inside, have the bone marrow, composed of brown marrow and red marrow. And is that bone marrow, which is generated within our bones, which in it's  turn is generated our blood, as well as all the key elements of our body, in a regeneration phenomenon. The regeneration of our blood sitemas, our lymphatic system and our nervous system. Our four key systems that contain liquids with cells that are generated by our bones.
Chapter 1-3 - Our inboard engines: the organs
We have several organs inside our body. The best known may be the heart and brain. These organs contain ventricles, which I believe make circulate their specific liquid , such as the case of blood to the heart, and the cerebrospinal fluid and encephalo-raquidian fluid in the case of the brain.
For the rest of our organs such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen, and pancreas,this is not so evident (being an engine), but have an important role to filter the blood and lymphatic fluid. Or filter from the blood, to the lymphatic fluid. Now these substances which are filtered from the blood and lymphatic fluid, are then actually expeled by our body through urine, breath, sweating, tears and saliva.
I believe that our organs (as well as our bones) are covered by a thin pelicule. In the case of the heart, the pericardium . In the case of the lungs is the pleura. And If the case of  the brain are three maters; that is, from inside to outside the arachnoid or meninges, the pia mater, and dura mater. Three pelicules covering the brain, one after the other, and I believe they have an important neurological role in electrical circulation of the brain and the nerve cells of the brain, the neurons.
Without our organs we would not be human.
I also believe that within our body, we have the important internal cavities, where our organs fit within our body. These cavities are musculed, and it is very important to have the muscles of these internal cavities in good shape, and well trained for our organs to be in better health possible.
Chapter 1-4 - Our strength: muscles
Our muscles are everywhere, inside our body. From the fingertips until our center, through the ears and our sex. It's our muscles that give us our strength. The strength of, for example,  lifting wheights, or simply to do Kung-Fu, or Yoga, or Tai-Chi.
Our muscles need always to be exercised. It is a rule of life, to do physical activity, even just walking, or cycling. If our muscles are not well exercised, in the extent to which one (each individual) is the right way, one can feel less well. By this I mean that each indidual is a special case and should have awareness of how much and which physical activity to do, how when to do it. This can vary for each indidual, over time; This need to do physical exercise.
They say that if our muscles are not exercised, they shrivel up. I do not believe on this. I believe that they simply do not develop  as they should, and that a person can not follow the evolution of the universe in which he lives. Evolution is constant. Change is constant. Even when we are asleep and dreaming, we change. Our body changes, resting.
I believe we should do what we feel like doing more. What we fees like doing it . There is the question of opportunities. We can not all have the luxury of having a small private gym, so we have to pay the rent for a gym, attending classes of Kung Fu, and have the benefit of learning Kung Fu, with the Master, and instructors. 
Physical activity develops very much the psychological and intellectual capacities (and emotional). I speak from personal experience. Also our creative capabilities are exponentiated with Kung-Fu training. It costs money if we want to train usually. But sometimes only a small right move could be worth for hours of hard workout in a gym. I believe in that. Especially if you already take some, say thus dynamics of past practice.
Chapter 1-5 - Our systems: blood, lymph and nerves
As I said earlier, we have four main systems: two systems for the blood, one to the lymph, and another that will be the nervous system, composed of all our nerves, the thinner, the thicker and including our central nervous system which is the brain and the spinal medulae.
All our systems are composed of cells which can contract or expand , by order of the brain. Therefore, we can contract or relax all thesesystems that are the blood, the lymphatic or nervous. "virtual" exercises can be made, within our mind, trying to imagine what it would be if these systems indeed contracted or relaxaed. And who can guarantee us that it would not in fact be like this? This type of exercises, let's say, "virtual" seem to me very important, because they can not be proved scientifically, but can make us feel better. Much better. And this is just a technique of Tai-Chi. A message that once a Tai-Chi teacher told me.
As I mentioned earlier, our systems recycle our body. And the nervous system carries electrical currents sent by our brain that control our body and our muscles.
Chapter 1-6 - Our protective layer: the skin
Our skin essentially has two layers: the dermis, outermost and the epidermis, more
interior. It is in our skin, essentially, that fat is accumulated, to protect us from
cold during the winter.
The skin has many, many pores, communication points of our interior with the exterior.
Through breathing and sweating. However, the skin is also composed of cells, and by the
order of the brain, they also can contract or relax. Now these exercises of contraction and
relaxation are the very physical activity itself. They are the Kung-Fu itself. By
enough Kung-Fu  practice we get a good awareness of our body and its capabilities and possibilities. The Kung-Fu is an ancient martial art and a form of training and exercises. By Kung-Fu we can physically develop ourselves and psychologically, or intectualy and emotionally, creatively, etc ...
In the skin are situated the hairs. These are composed of dead cells, but they are a part of us. We can choose not to have them; ie cut them. It is a matter of choice.
Chapter 2 - The Mind
Emotions. Emotions are a mental aspect of our lives. It can be found a scientific explanation  and perfectly material for the issue of emotions. With the issue of neurohormones and so on. But for me, this is like trying to explain the question of love or the existence of the soul. I believe that our emotions are the most precious that we have in our life. A high emotional stability is, I think, extremely difficult to find, in our lives. And this is just the stability of our emotions. If we want really to have absolute control over our emotions, and direct it's extremely powerful energy where we want, this is, I think, the work of a lifetime.
Love. The love we have for our family, or the love that Jesus Christ had for us. I believe there are several kinds of love. I believe that love is to give some part of us to someone. We give a little private space, or intimate, to someone you think deserves it. I believe it is something that we offer, and always is repaid. After that there is the love that a father feels for his son or daughter. This love is really invisible. Much powerful. Our children are ourselves. They carry our genes. And our wife's or partner. We are bound to our children by the matter. That in itself carries the spirit. It is the result of countless generations, and the entire evolution of life on Earth.
Our mind carries in itself something very important. The dreams. The wishes of our lives or the true dreams when we sleep. I believe that our dreams are real. Somewhere in some universe happennedt really what we dreamed about when we were asleep.
Dreams are very important. As important as our life awake. That state of being at rest and rebalancing our energies, and to achieve new energies is very important. Throw away the negative energy, and recover the good energy. It's essential.
I like to thank first to my Father and my Mother, for giving me this life.
I will try to live it the best possible.
I would also like to thank my Master of Kung Fu, Guilherme Luz, for everything He taught me for so long ago. All the Kung Fu, all the technique, the whole attitude towards life one should have, and that helped me so much to change. Thank you.
Finally, I'd like to thank all trance music artists for all the wonderful music they gave us.  It's my dreams that come true when I hear those songs.
Note: this was written a few years ago, and I translated it myself, and through Google translate. Thanks :)


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