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My Site

Hi!.. This is my site -> <- I made it from zero, using a freeware content management system (cms) that I got at and that is called EasyManager .I am using free web storage that can be found at: . The name is of my future Trance band, that is still only me, for the moment. You can find my contacts in my site. I am a specialized multimedia technician. So, if you think that I can make some work for you, please contact me. I need it. I also like very much tele-work, in the cyberspace.
This post is also dedicated to my very good friend, Mr. P.M.A. I trully hope that he likes my site, and sees that almost all that I have written there is fiction, but could be true, couldn't it?.. :)

High in the Sky - Mentally and Physically

Drugs. Everyone knows that drugs have a psychic effect. They make you happy, they make you think that you are healthy, they make you think that you found inner peace, they make you feel one with the Whole, they make you warm, etc...
But, they are not legal. Period. No need to question that. We just don't take them.
One could ask, "why aren't they legal?.." or say "they should be legal". It's a way.
To me, I believe that whatever we may seek in the drugs (that are forbiden) we may find somewhere else. I do.
For example: alcohol. It makes everything that drugs do. Why isn't it enough, for some people?..
Well, our body, mind and heart, are very complex. Drugs vary in potency. I mean, the substances that are active, are present in diferent quantities. If one thinks that alcohol or tobacco, aren't enough, and goes beyond, that one is in need of something in a huge quantity, that will bring him what he needs.
But, one can easily find what one needs, w…