Moebius stripe - 3D

Hi. Here is the download link to a moebius stripe I've made in 3D. The file format is .obj so , if you wish, you may print in 3D. I advise metal printing. When you print, print in duplicate because it's 2 that make the moebius stripe, when they are stick together. It's sort of an eyes mask. The symbol of infinity.

If you wish, you can make a test and make it in carton. The 2 objects. And see for yourself. That's what I've done. Seems nice. With an elastic band, you can wear it.
So here is the download link to the 3D file: download

You can view the file online at:

The size of the object, which is of the 2 objects together has to match the size of the face. It can be resized and exported again in .obj format (to print in 3D) here:

It can be printed online here:

Hope you like it.

Thanks :)


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