Model to print in 3d

This link is to download a file that is a 3d model I've made at 3D school here in Lisbon. It's in .obj format and you can view it online at: . I suppose you can print it in 3d though it may be expensive (about 120€). It's a cup and I've called it "the graal". It's about 25cm high.


 I've called this cup "the Graal" because I read in an encyclopedia we got here at home that the Holy Graal has got 144 sides, and that it was build with the jewel of the crown of Lucifer.

This cup has got 144 sides. 4 rows, with 12 pyramids of 4 sides each.

The school where I've made this project is Citeforma here in Lisbon, with Prof. Pedro Rodrigo Costa. It was a 50h course and this was the course project. I had a 15/20 grade.

Hope you like it
Thanks :)


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