A mostrar mensagens de Outubro, 2016

Coriander soup - recipe

Coriander Soup

 Put in a pot a clove of garlic, salt, olive oil and water and let it boil. Then add some washed and chopped coriander. Let it begin boilling in low heat, and put the eggs, one at a time (2,3 or maybe 4 eggs, one for each person); the eggs must be in one piece (entire) and it's only the inside of the egg that you put in the soup,not with the shell , and not be mixed. allow the eggs to become cooked. Put pieces of bread in the dishes and cover with soup, and the egg. Bon appetit :)

The cell that can kill - cell 007

Hi. I'm back. The cell can decompose and then become atoms. But, the atoms can compose and become cells. Dna stuff.  In between, there is the phase of the half cells. The half cells join together, male and female, to make a single cell that will divide and make more cells, maybe a little different. Yes, that's life. Alright O:)

Wi-fi the Sea O:)

Hi. Maybe the Sea is getting better. Maybe it's where the depression was, and I mean really was. One can really avoid sadness with this kind of things. Publicity, and information. Communication in fact. Dark secrets and pride. Weed legalization is just a quite complicated puzzle we have to resolve. It's really in colors, and maybe a cube. Intelligence is something that comes and goes. Easy is easy. I mean if wifi waves travel through space and air, even satellite, they must travel through the Sea and through the ground that's the Earth. Magnetic or electric, waves are it. I guess. Video or audio signals. The Sea electromagnetic "state" can be measured I guess. And it can be interfered with too. I saw a Hollywood movie, with a trip to the center of the Earth to avoid a catastrophe that would annihilate mankind. Man made earthquakes had gone loose, and all would end. Shine today, Shine Tonite, and sleep and rest well. And sweet dreams. Thanks!.. O:)

Save the planet O:)

Hi. Save ourselves and the great many future generations. What a dream. What a vision. What a clear sight, that to ourselves must mean only one very important thing. Happiness in a word. Happiness is often disregarded by the civilization. The techno. Cold rail. Hot ashes. Rulers of men. Man commands only himself. Man can find happiness. Man can make right all the wrong He's done so far. Man can be true to His own heart. Man can dream, and Man can forget. Man can fertilize the oceans, with algae seeds, many many, and therefor the sea will be more alive and recycle better and faster the air of the cities and the planet. Absorbs CO and produces oxygen. We eat fish. Fish eat us. Pretty fair.
Thanks!.. Online is just fine O:)

One more short story :)

John and Miranda got married. Not long ago. It was a very simple ceremony, with a friend, in the middle of the forest, during spring, right after sunrise. They were so much in love. Babies didn't had happen , yet. They liked going to the beach, and to sleep in the open air, and to collect sea shells. They already had quite a colection of those. Sometimes they went to the city, maybe shopping.. One day, they went to another trance festival, in another country. It was quite far. They got in, and at a certain time, they bumped into something. They were a little far from the other people, and they were so curious of what it was. They said: "Hi!.. Who are you?.." Then it said:"Teng!..". John instantly became on alert. For already knew that word, from a really long time ago. MIranda laughed. Then John said:"Oh!.. You mean So Teng". The bird said "Seng!..". By that time they already had the clear sort of vision that it was a bird. And a re…

The tube baby - really old short story

The Tube Baby  Once upon a time in a land far far away, lived a Man and a woman... They was married, and they couldn't have babies...They've been trying it for a long long time...Sometimes, the Man though to himself: "Woowww!... It's been So so long....What's the matter with us?...Doesn't god love us?...Like we love him?..." But there was no answer... God was silent as he always had been...After trying everything he could, the man thought that he could ,as a last resource, ask his dear wife if she would be so kind as to try with him artificial insemination,so that "life could have it's way..."...So,one warm evening, in the summertime, he said:"Lilly, you know, I've been thinking... Do you wanna have a tube baby?... This might work, at last, for us..."So, she said:"Jack, I do love you...Do you think it will work?...Do you?...Tell me please...." As he answered: "It's Okay, Lilly... I'm sure this time we wil…

Old short story - the invisible girlfriend

xx The Invisible Girlfriend
Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a man. His name was John. John was not very young anymore, but he desired (and wished) for a girlfriend, that he could love, and that also loved him, and maybe even have children together. John was kind of shy, but all along his life he had been “coming out of his shell”, in
a manner of speaking. John was born in a world that didn't have much technology. All through his life, mankind had been evolving a lot, in all aspects. Science, culture, medicine, social aspects, like the morality, also had evolved a lot. One can say that people weren't ashamed of (showing) their naked body anymore; neither in beaches, and so.
John really liked the world he was living in. He had the feeling that it could only get better.
John really liked Psytrance music, and was listening whenever he could. Always. He dreamed of becoming a producer. One year, during summer, John went to a Psytrance Festival. He took his t…

Hemp flowers with CBD :)

Hi. One year ago, at the end of august 2015 I ordered and received some called hemp buds or hemp flowers and the box was written in an eastern (like Russian) language and said CBD and cannabidiolio and things like that. I tried the tea without any milk. I was weighting 88kg for a few years already. I started going like a lot to the Wc and I started loosing weight. Still eating good, with a lot of apetite, and now I'm stable at 76kg and I measure 1,76m. This is the story. Some people say that if you wanna extract the cannabinoids from the tea you gotta add a little milk or juice while hot. I always keep it at home. I drink the tea from time to time. Better is better. Thanks!.. O:)

Old short story :)

The king of Hearts Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a king. His name was Huizilopochtli. And a mighty king he was. All his people loved him, and he loved his people very much. The king was born in the year of the Hummingbird, in the Aztech mithology. The spirit of the Hummimgbird had guarded him all his life, and he always listenned very close to his heart. His heart was where the Hummingbird was, and that was very true. His heart was kind, and physically, very strong. He could feel very well the beatings of his heart, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but always very strong beatings they were. Very strong. His heart was very trained, somewhat very muscled, and also he could always feel his heart develloping. The muscle fibers of his heart did develop. It was like a crystalization. Huizilopochtli knew very well that in his heart were the deepest secrets of his soul. And he knew how to keep them that way, secret. In his heart lived the memories of countless wars, of c…

Industrial Hemp :(

Hi. Got this great industrial hemp from an Eu country. I opened the package maybe a few hours after I received through the mail. The smell was wonderful. Menthol and mint. I smelled the weed in all it's senses, and I just went crazy thinking what if I smoked that thing. True and honest. First day, pretty much alright. Second day, I felt my lungs with this absolute freshness, and breathing easyness and I almost didn't smoke any. Third day, delirious. Beautiful blue colors, the sky in the air, and everything fresh. And at the end of the day, breakdown. Recovery was slow and hard. Body stress, and tiredness without much rest in lying and sleeping. Still, quite early and through medication, I went to bed, fell asleep, and slept very well (indeed true) for 13 hours without waking up. New day prefect. Much afraid or other possible future effects of that industrial hemp, but happy and all. I am smoking that now mixed with tobacco and hemp flowers with high Cbd. It's what I got. I…