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Hemp with CBD - perfect health

Still regarding the question about hemp flowers with CBD (or , I think, just CBD). I talk about my own personal experience, and I can tell you that it is the truth. It really happened to me. Till the end of August 2015, I was weighting 88 kilos, I had high cholesterol, and my transiminitis (transaminases) was all wrong. As soon as I started taking the tea (hemp flowers with CBD), probably just the next day, I started loosing weight, like going a lot to the bathroom and so. Next June I did analysis, and everything was mostly just ok. Everything. I was ok, and the Doctor just told me to eat fish, fat fish like sardines, and mackerel. Just that. I am 1,76m tall, and now I weight about 74 kilos, for a real long time. I will do a new medical checkup next June.
Thanks for listening :)

Industrial Hemp without seeds

Industrial hemp can stress you. I believe that is because, if you smoke it with the seeds, it can really harm you. I don't really know why, but it is a fact. I got quite of that at home. Industrial hemp, perfectly legal, and bought online. I removed all the seeds and large branches from my industrial hemp. I removed all the seeds one by one, with tweezers, in a large plate (and also the large branches), and I kept only the flowers. The seeds are on a separate plastic bag, that I keep, so I can maybe someday plant them. The hemp that I got from that, which is industrial hemp, is absolutely wonderful (but not too much). It still scents like menthol and mint, and the feeling is just great. Not really like weed, in the sense of marijuana as we figure it, but more like a new weed, very medicinal, very positive, and that we feel really great when we take it. Breathing better, feeling at peace, happy in a word.
So, my feelings are, that if you take (maybe smoke) hemp flow…

Coriander soup - recipe

Coriander Soup

 Put in a pot a clove of garlic, salt, olive oil and water and let it boil. Then add some washed and chopped coriander. Let it begin boilling in low heat, and put the eggs, one at a time (2,3 or maybe 4 eggs, one for each person); the eggs must be in one piece (entire) and it's only the inside of the egg that you put in the soup,not with the shell , and not be mixed. allow the eggs to become cooked. Put pieces of bread in the dishes and cover with soup, and the egg. Bon appetit :)

The cell that can kill - cell 007

Hi. I'm back. The cell can decompose and then become atoms. But, the atoms can compose and become cells. Dna stuff.  In between, there is the phase of the half cells. The half cells join together, male and female, to make a single cell that will divide and make more cells, maybe a little different. Yes, that's life. Alright O:)

Wi-fi the Sea O:)

Hi. Maybe the Sea is getting better. Maybe it's where the depression was, and I mean really was. One can really avoid sadness with this kind of things. Publicity, and information. Communication in fact. Dark secrets and pride. Weed legalization is just a quite complicated puzzle we have to resolve. It's really in colors, and maybe a cube. Intelligence is something that comes and goes. Easy is easy. I mean if wifi waves travel through space and air, even satellite, they must travel through the Sea and through the ground that's the Earth. Magnetic or electric, waves are it. I guess. Video or audio signals. The Sea electromagnetic "state" can be measured I guess. And it can be interfered with too. I saw a Hollywood movie, with a trip to the center of the Earth to avoid a catastrophe that would annihilate mankind. Man made earthquakes had gone loose, and all would end. Shine today, Shine Tonite, and sleep and rest well. And sweet dreams. Thanks!.. O:)

Save the planet O:)

Hi. Save ourselves and the great many future generations. What a dream. What a vision. What a clear sight, that to ourselves must mean only one very important thing. Happiness in a word. Happiness is often disregarded by the civilization. The techno. Cold rail. Hot ashes. Rulers of men. Man commands only himself. Man can find happiness. Man can make right all the wrong He's done so far. Man can be true to His own heart. Man can dream, and Man can forget. Man can fertilize the oceans, with algae seeds, many many, and therefor the sea will be more alive and recycle better and faster the air of the cities and the planet. Absorbs CO and produces oxygen. We eat fish. Fish eat us. Pretty fair.
Thanks!.. Online is just fine O:)

One more short story :)

John and Miranda got married. Not long ago. It was a very simple ceremony, with a friend, in the middle of the forest, during spring, right after sunrise. They were so much in love. Babies didn't had happen , yet. They liked going to the beach, and to sleep in the open air, and to collect sea shells. They already had quite a colection of those. Sometimes they went to the city, maybe shopping.. One day, they went to another trance festival, in another country. It was quite far. They got in, and at a certain time, they bumped into something. They were a little far from the other people, and they were so curious of what it was. They said: "Hi!.. Who are you?.." Then it said:"Teng!..". John instantly became on alert. For already knew that word, from a really long time ago. MIranda laughed. Then John said:"Oh!.. You mean So Teng". The bird said "Seng!..". By that time they already had the clear sort of vision that it was a bird. And a re…

The tube baby - really old short story

The Tube Baby  Once upon a time in a land far far away, lived a Man and a woman... They was married, and they couldn't have babies...They've been trying it for a long long time...Sometimes, the Man though to himself: "Woowww!... It's been So so long....What's the matter with us?...Doesn't god love us?...Like we love him?..." But there was no answer... God was silent as he always had been...After trying everything he could, the man thought that he could ,as a last resource, ask his dear wife if she would be so kind as to try with him artificial insemination,so that "life could have it's way..."...So,one warm evening, in the summertime, he said:"Lilly, you know, I've been thinking... Do you wanna have a tube baby?... This might work, at last, for us..."So, she said:"Jack, I do love you...Do you think it will work?...Do you?...Tell me please...." As he answered: "It's Okay, Lilly... I'm sure this time we wil…

Old short story - the invisible girlfriend

xx The Invisible Girlfriend
Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a man. His name was John. John was not very young anymore, but he desired (and wished) for a girlfriend, that he could love, and that also loved him, and maybe even have children together. John was kind of shy, but all along his life he had been “coming out of his shell”, in
a manner of speaking. John was born in a world that didn't have much technology. All through his life, mankind had been evolving a lot, in all aspects. Science, culture, medicine, social aspects, like the morality, also had evolved a lot. One can say that people weren't ashamed of (showing) their naked body anymore; neither in beaches, and so.
John really liked the world he was living in. He had the feeling that it could only get better.
John really liked Psytrance music, and was listening whenever he could. Always. He dreamed of becoming a producer. One year, during summer, John went to a Psytrance Festival. He took his t…

Hemp flowers with CBD :)

Hi. One year ago, at the end of august 2015 I ordered and received some called hemp buds or hemp flowers and the box was written in an eastern (like Russian) language and said CBD and cannabidiolio and things like that. I tried the tea without any milk. I was weighting 88kg for a few years already. I started going like a lot to the Wc and I started loosing weight. Still eating good, with a lot of apetite, and now I'm stable at 76kg and I measure 1,76m. This is the story. Some people say that if you wanna extract the cannabinoids from the tea you gotta add a little milk or juice while hot. I always keep it at home. I drink the tea from time to time. Better is better. Thanks!.. O:)

Old short story :)

The king of Hearts Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a king. His name was Huizilopochtli. And a mighty king he was. All his people loved him, and he loved his people very much. The king was born in the year of the Hummingbird, in the Aztech mithology. The spirit of the Hummimgbird had guarded him all his life, and he always listenned very close to his heart. His heart was where the Hummingbird was, and that was very true. His heart was kind, and physically, very strong. He could feel very well the beatings of his heart, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but always very strong beatings they were. Very strong. His heart was very trained, somewhat very muscled, and also he could always feel his heart develloping. The muscle fibers of his heart did develop. It was like a crystalization. Huizilopochtli knew very well that in his heart were the deepest secrets of his soul. And he knew how to keep them that way, secret. In his heart lived the memories of countless wars, of c…

Industrial Hemp :(

Hi. Got this great industrial hemp from an Eu country. I opened the package maybe a few hours after I received through the mail. The smell was wonderful. Menthol and mint. I smelled the weed in all it's senses, and I just went crazy thinking what if I smoked that thing. True and honest. First day, pretty much alright. Second day, I felt my lungs with this absolute freshness, and breathing easyness and I almost didn't smoke any. Third day, delirious. Beautiful blue colors, the sky in the air, and everything fresh. And at the end of the day, breakdown. Recovery was slow and hard. Body stress, and tiredness without much rest in lying and sleeping. Still, quite early and through medication, I went to bed, fell asleep, and slept very well (indeed true) for 13 hours without waking up. New day prefect. Much afraid or other possible future effects of that industrial hemp, but happy and all. I am smoking that now mixed with tobacco and hemp flowers with high Cbd. It's what I got. I…

Things that change :)

Hi. Been a while. The days we live in. Gas polution, and poisoning, wrong food, problems. See this. I really believe there is an identity in things. In air, water and earth. And all. And there is a material identity, a vegetable identity, a insect, reptile and mammal. After all becomes alien. I even think there are other identities before the material. many. The air that you breathe, the water that you drink, in my opinion and my sense of things, has an identity. I think it can have, besides a material identity, a vegetable identity and so on. Does it have, the air and water?.. I watch these things very closely. I fear polution, and that causes many sicknesses. I hear something very good. I believe, that as far as the EU is concerned, Cannabis Sativa is entirely legal. Cannabis Indica is forbiden. I believe here in Portugal growing cannabis at home is not legal because it could grow Indica. I have this great vision, of some weed I smoked in 1995 that it was Ruderalis. Can never be sur…

Weed stress will manage :)


My point of view regarding the weed issue. You may know that I already had stress with weed, and it's written here. I shall go straight to the point. Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis are 100% Ok, and can be used with absolute safety. This includes the hemp and some hallucinogenic weed. Cannabis Indica can be pretty dangerous. The weed I smoked, and also the hasch I smoked, when I was 17 (and that caused me the stress), was, from my perspective, made of this cannabis type. This is what I feel. This is my vision. This is what I figured out, as years passed by, and if I may say, quite some time ago. I don't say that we can't handle Cannabis Indica, I just say that it's much more difficult. It's much more powerful, and with much more medicinal use. Thank you so much for hearing me. I'll be online.

Thank you so much :)

Goa Boom mix :)


01. Various Artists - DM Records - Let There Be Light - Astral Projection
02. Mystica - Angels Love
03. Ra - Universal Key
04. Filteria - The Big Blue
05. Cyan - Space Cadet
06. Holymen - The Formula
07. MFG - Peaceful Relaxation
08. Brain Accent - Anno Domini
09. Holymen - Desert Storm
10. Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix)
11. Transwave - Goacore
12. Various Artists - Prana - Rainbow Spirit
13. Indoor - The Key
14. Etnica - Mankind (Original Mix)
15. Various Artists - Blue Flame - Shape The Future - MFG
16. Holymen - Furious George
17. Filteria - Stars (StarStuff Remix)
18. Various Artists - The Sleeper Must Awake - Astral Projection & MFG
19. Various Artists - Smooth Elevator - Rainbow Spirit
20. Eyal Barkan - Good Morning Israel (Original Mix)

Thanx :)

More mixes :)

New oldschool Israeli Goa mix

01. 0:00:00 MFG - Peaceful Relaxation
02. 0:09:28 Bizzare Contact - RT Shock
03. 0:17:02 Eyal Barkan - Give Trance A Chance (Audio Mix)
04. 0:23:59 California Sunshine - Last Feeling
05. 0:31:54 Yahel & I.Zen - Waves Of Sound (Original Mix)
06. 0:41:21 Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution remix
07. 0:48:32 MFG - When We Dream
08. 0:56:17 Bizzare Contact - Love Simulation
09. 1:04:14 Astral Projection - Maian Dream
10. 1:11:06 Holymen - Desert Storm
11. 1:18:51 Yahel & I.Zen - For The People (Original Mix)
12. 1:22:53  Astral Projection & Roy Sela - Joy  (Instrumental)
13. 1:32:02 California Sunshine - Come into my life
14. 1:40:57 Various Artists - Blue Flame - Shape The Future - MFG
15. 1:48:18 California Sunshine - The Only One
16. 1:57:50 Various Artists - The Sleeper Must Awake - Astral Projection & MFG
17. 2:05:24 Holymen - Beavis In The Haze
18. 2:13:50 Eyal Barkan - Good Morning Israel (Original Mix)
19. 2:20:14 Tandu - Alien P…

Playlist mazda mix


The playlist of my mazda mix. It was a mix I made for a contest in Mixcloud :

01. 0:00:00 Astral Projection - Another World (Floorplay Remix
02. 0:05:56 Goasia - Per Aspera Ad Astra
03. 0:14:21 Dj Sixpack - Indestructible
04. 0:21:10 X Dream - The Second Room (A Trip)
05. 0:30:05 Man With No Name - Azymuth
06. 0:37:52 Manmademan - The Great Seat
07. 0:44:57 Prana - Kiba
08. 0:52:07 ManMadeMan & Tristan - Purple Merlin
09. 0:58:56 Astral Projection - Axis V0.99

Thanks :)

New Psy and Goa mix wx1

Goa mix wx1

01. 0:00:00 Talamasca - Day Dreaming
02. 0:07:27 Man With No Name - Low Commotion
03. 0:14:10 The Moon & The Sun - Sattellite
04. 0:21:50 Brain Accent - Anno Domini
05. 0:30:24 Pleiadians - Seven Sisters
06. 0:46:01 Tropical Bleyage - One Life
07. 0:52:58 Solar Plexus - Liquid Moon
08. 0:59:34 Mfg - To Eternity
09. 1:06:49 Transwave - Land Of Freedom (Original Mix)
10. 1:14:42 Psysex - Dominatrix
11. 1:22:03 Talamasca - Time Simulation (Live version)
12. 1:28:57 Astral Projection - Another World (Floorplay Remix
13. 1:34:45 Phreaky - Over The Moon
14. 1:44:17 Psysex - L. S. Dance
15. 1:52:26 Tropical Bleyage - Liquid Memories
16. 1:58:56 Transwave - Robostyx

Thanks :)

Software mixes :)


- Mixxx
-Audacity with mp3 encoder

Thanks!.. :)

Viva mix 3 playlist :)


Vivamix 3
01. 0:00:00 DJ LOONEY TUNE - Workstation (Work Da Remix) 02. 0:06:12 The KLF - Live From The Lost Continent 03. 0:09:39 Members Of Mayday & Westbam - Sonic Empire 04. 0:13:19 Love Inc. - You're A Superstar (Radio Mix) 05. 0:16:36 Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel (E-Werk Club Mix) 06. 0:19:55 Dj Quicksilver - I Have A Dream (Video Mix) 07. 0:23:18 Antiloop - In My Mind 08. 0:26:32 Space Frog - Lost In Space '98 09. 0:32:08 Kosmonova - Ayla 10. 0:35:29 Faithless - God Is A DJ 11. 0:38:42 Daze - Together Forever (The Cyber Pet Song) 12. 0:41:33 Marusha - Free Love (Video Mix) 13. 0:45:04 Groovezone - Eisbaer 14. 0:48:32 DJ Quicksilver - Free (Short Mix) 15. 0:51:47 Absolom - Stars (Radio edit pulse) 16. 0:55:42 Sash! - Stay 17. 1:01:24 Vengaboys - Up & Down 18. 1:05:12 Dj Quicksilver - Bellisima (Video Mix) 19. 1:08:51 Antiloop - Howhere to Hide 20. 1:12:10 Westbam - Sonic Empire 21. 1:15:50 DJ Quicksilver - Planet Love (Video Mix) 22. 1:19:13 Nalin Inc - Plane…

My friend Menelaus :)

New Goa mix playlist :)

New Goa mix w1

01. 0:00:00 Atmos - Transmission in Vain
02. 0:09:38 Semsis - Pile
03. 0:15:40 MFG - Magnetic Activity
04. 0:22:58 Transwave - Kalimantan
05. 0:31:48 Manmademan - Lunar Lammas
06. 0:39:27 Electric Universe - One Love
07. 0:50:35 Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix)
08. 1:01:13 Oforia - Maximiser
09. 1:08:41 Etnica - Mankind (Original Mix)
10. 1:18:13 Goasia - Space Travellers
11. 1:25:52 ManMadeMan & Tristan - Purple Merlin
12. 1:32:44 Shiva Space Technology - Walk To Light
13. 1:41:50 Shiva Space Technology - Shiva Devotional
14. 1:53:30 Solar Plexus - Liquid Moon
15. 2:00:13 Pleiadians - Seven Sisters
16. 2:15:54 Mfg - To Eternity
17. 2:23:15 Power Source - Goaway
18. 2:32:08 Manmademan - The Great Seat
19. 2:39:17 Phreaky - Over The Moon
20. 2:48:55 S.U.N. Project - Tribolus

Thanks!.. :)

Some cool links :)

The Astral Projection site. They're from Tel Aviv, Israel. They have been playing Goa Trance since the late 80's. They are also known as SFX:

This is a Yoga learning center here in Lisbon. This is where a very good friend, a childhood friend teaches Yoga. I have already learned with Her, for some months, and I liked it very much:

My sister Margarida Alves site. She is a designer, professional:

Free Goa Trance site. Ektoplazm. I like very much Afgin, Sky Technology and Trinodia:

A computers company that there is here in Lisbon and that I like very much. It was where we bought our first computer in 1998. With internet. It was a Pentium 233MHz MMx City Desk. They only sell (by demand) and repair desktop computers:

Thank you :)

how weed doesn't kill you but it can wound you

Hi. please let me tell you the story of how weed was dangerous to me. I was 17. I smoked weed here in Lisbon, maybe weed from Angola, which was very strong and with seeds. real seeds. mature seeds, to plant again. I smoked a big joint almost alone. I was walking home and I became feeling weak and I sat down against a tree. I was paralysed and scared, sitting down against the tree. so much scared. then the effect went away naturally. Then I was ok. it was soon all ok. some months after , with hasch I smoked a joint with a friend, then I was late for school, and I had to catch a train to go to school. I ran to catch the train. so so fast I ran. I catch the train, in fact. But then I was sitting down on the train chairs, and I started feeling dizzy. I got up and I was still feeling dizzy. I fainted.. someone took me out of the train, to a station. Then I woke up. I knew where I was, I was at the next station after the school station. Someone bought me a coffee. I drank a glass of water, …

one of my sites :)

mix playlists

Dance mix playlist

01. 0:00:00 Ian Van Dahl - Castles In The Sky
02. 0:03:37 Fantasy Project - Dam Dadi Doo
03. 0:06:54 In-Grid - Tu Es Foutu (Radio Edit)
04. 0:10:16 Floorfilla - Sister Golden Hair
05. 0:14:01 Marc Et Claude - It's All For Love
06. 0:20:13 Tatu - Not Gonna Get Us
07. 0:23:41 Ian Van Dahl - Reason (UK Radio Edit)
08. 0:26:32 Noemi - in my dreams (Screen Cut)
09. 0:30:21 Tatu - All The Things You Said
10. 0:33:38 Groove Coverage - Poison [Radio Version]
11. 0:36:35 Candee Jay - If I Were You
12. 0:39:55 Charlie Lownoise & Mental Theo - Wonderful Days
13. 0:43:30 Axel Coon - Close To You (Singel Version)
14. 0:47:05 Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes
15. 0:50:19 The Soundlovers - Hyperfolk (Radio Mix)

90's Techno mix playlist

01. 0:00:00 Ice MC - Think about the way (radio mix
02. 0:04:15 Maxx - Get-A-Way
03. 0:07:52 Felix - Don't You Want Me
04. 0:10:48 Ice Mc - It's A Rainy Day (Radio Versio
05. 0:14:52 2 Unlimited - No Limit

Thanks :)

new Israeli Goa mix playlist

01. 0:00:00 Power Gen - power gen
02. 0:07:23 Holymen - Hard Attack
03. 0:12:51  - burning up vocal mix
04. 0:20:50 Holymen - Furious George
05. 0:28:01 Astral Projection - Trance Dance
06. 0:37:24 Eyal Barkan - Give Trance A Chance (Audio Mix)
07. 0:44:19 Bizzare Contact - Plastic Fantastic
08. 0:52:38 Astral Projection - Allah Acbar
09. 0:59:58 Astral Projection - Flying Into a Star
10. 1:09:34 California Sunshine - Rain
11. 1:17:49 California Sunshine - Avalanche
12. 1:25:10 California Sunshine - Back in time
13. 1:35:07 Holymen - The Last Universe
14. 1:42:12 Astral Projection - Kabalah (new age mix)

my love

"She knew that his heart was made of Crystal. She knew that his heart would never be broken."
Pedro Alves - 30-07-2014 16H51


"In the rain lies the true hope for mankind. Like tears from the sky"
Pedro Alves

playlists of my mixcloud mixes :)

01. 0:00:00 Miranda - Magnetic Levitation
02. 0:07:55 Man With No Name - Teleport
03. 0:14:48 Digital Island - Cosmic Ocean
04. 0:21:40 Etnica - Plastic
05. 0:31:22 Pleiadians - Maia
06. 0:42:30 Technossomy - Kozmotron
07. 0:51:51 Transwave - Trashish
08. 0:57:40 Miranda - Phenomena

01. 0:00:00 Hallucinogen - Hallucinogen - Alpha Centauri
02. 0:10:44 Masaray - Time Traveler (Original Mix)
03. 0:18:37 Etnica - Triptonite (Fractal Glider rmx)
04. 0:26:28 Astral Projection - 03 astral projection back from hell
05. 0:34:53 Etnica - Screaming Butterfly
06. 0:43:20 Rainbow Spirit - Prana
07. 0:51:31 Various Artists - The Sleeper Must Awake - Astral Projection & MFG
08. 0:59:04 Rainbow Spirit - Smooth Elevator
09. 1:04:34 MAN WITH NO NAME - Cairo
10. 1:11:34 Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade
11. 1:17:12 Miranda - Labyrinth
12. 1:25:19  - SFX - J.B.I.E (LONG LIVE FREE TECHNO)
13. 1:29:31 Astrix, Domestic - Pure Energy (Original Mix)
14. 1:36:24 Sheyba - Ganesh


kung-fu thesis - a tryout

Introductory notes Kung-Fu for me. My father was a bit set in the martial arts, long time before I was born. Made boxing when he was young, studying, the books, Jiu-Jitsu and  Yoga,and he had always been a healthy person, until he was not. My father always had, maybe transmitted by my grandparents, a great sense of moral justice, and emotional rectitude too. We five children were raised that high principles environment, particularly justice, which was I think what mattered to my Father. So, since I was little, I saw here at home those  books of Jiu Jitsu and Yoga. He even  had one that was called "yoga of the eyes" ( "Yoga des yeux" in the original). I remember seeing on TV the "Kung Fu" series with the actor David Carradine. I remember perfectly well seeing  in the television the series "The Young Shaolin Heroes", perhaps when I was sixteen or seventeen years of age, and this was a television series that I noticed particularly. I had at home, …

a short story

"Once I saw a cat on a beach. She was black and white. So beautiful. She was just standing there, in the sun, right after sunrise. I was just going for a walk on the beach, in my favorite moment of the day, and I saw her. She was standing there on the top of a dune, and I approached her, very gently. She didn't move, she stared at me, with her wild yellow eyes. I reached my hand to her, very gently, and she smelled it. I backed away. The sky was blue, and also the sea was blue. A very nice day it was gonna be. We were just standing there, both of us, watching the sea. Hearing the seagulls. Enjoying the moments. Knowing each other. Then came another cat. Then another. And another. There were already a few cats near me. Adult cats they were. I wondered if they were someone's cats, from one of the cottages in front of the beach. I wondered if they were wild cats. There was still no one on the beach at that time. Everybody was still sleeping. But not the cats. Then I saw her.…

Meeting about meditation

 I will post here my notes from the workshop about meditation with my master Guilherme Luz:
Meeting about Meditation
Professor Guilherme Luz
 09/10/2011 from 15H30 to 19H00
Meditation equals Contemplation. The two techniques or states of mind. It is about the contact with the whole, with everything there is and that exists. It is like climbing a hill (like a mirror) and that, at the top, you contemplate the world, that is like a labyrinth. The first technique invented by man to meditate/contemplate was the orgasm (orgasmic state). The fisrt state of mind of meditation/contemplation was the Music. It is done by the work of our center, our inner center, of our body, or of our mind. It is about centering ourselves. It is about catching our center, being aware of our center (body and mind), and going beyond our center.
Our body was given to us by our fathers. Our mind was given to us by ourselves. It is about our second life, giving life to ourselves. We must go beyond our mind. It i…

Natural nutrition

I will post here the notes from my natural nutrition workshop with my master , Guilherme Luz: Liquid: Water, Fruitjuice,  Cereal milk(soy,oats and rice) animal milks (cow, goat,donkey,buffalo) Tea Yoghurt(animal or soy,or kefir)
 Cereal In Grain Flakes Flour Bread(dry or sprouted)Biscuits
Examples: Brown rice,millet,Boulgour,Oats, etc..
Vegetables In Grain Lentils Beans:adzuki,red,black  Fruit, Natural Dried Dates, apricots, goji, almond Vegetables: Root beets,horseradish,turnip
 Stalks: Sprouts, Broccoli Stalks: leaves,spinach,watercress,lettuce round
 vegetable germinated: beans, leek, celerys: carrots, courgettes mushrooms,bean sprouts Oilseeds:Sunflower,Sesame,Linseed Nuts: Almond Nut Peanut Butter, Sesame, almond, walnut,peanut
Sweeteners Natural cereal malt barley, rice Honey Agave Molasses(eg sugar cane) whole Sugar

"Let thy food be thy medicine"

 Spices Salt Shoyu Tamari Cinnamon Vanilla Cayenne Pepper
 Complementary Proteins Tofu Seitan…