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Trance World

Hi!.. I like very much trance music. Not really electronic music in general, but some songs, and very especially some trance bands. Trance does really make me happy. It activates my soul. It makes me dream. It makes me transcend. It does me so much good. It's therapy!.. My therapy!.. Trance is health (and wealth) for the soul, and the spirit. It makes me wanna dance, and it also connects me to my ancestors. It makes me feel so warm, and so alive. It's so advanced. It's a miracle of technology, and I can only thank to the artists who produce it, those melodies, those 7/8 minutes songs. I like owning those original 16 bit digital audio Cds, with the original artcover printed in special paper. I like all my Cd boxes new, and shinny. And I also like to go to trance parties. A lot really!.. Here in Lisbon, the scene isn't much developed. It's a pitty. Maybe soon. I would also like to have parties during daylight, and not always at night. I like those pretty girls that s…