A mostrar mensagens de Setembro, 2011

My Mother and Father: My Family, Me

Hi!..  I was born when my Mom was 35 years old. I am the last of five children. Three girls, and two boys. The first thing I remember of all my life, is driving in a car, in the backseat, a VW beetle, of the old ones. The car was grey, and I suppose I was pretty young. I was driving home, nearby. Everything was kind of grey, and with many colors. I remember a young boy, very blond (in that ocasion). Maybe it was my neighbor friend, who lived in the top floor of my building, and who is still my friend. He is now married, and has three children. I remember very, very clearly my brother, who was eleven years older than me, and who was about 1,90 meters tall. I remember having a shower with him, and sleeping in his bed. We lived in the same room, all the time. Almost all our lives. Then, I remember fighting with my Sisters.. But it was not really fighting. It was more like a bad playtime. I remember being dressed as a girl. I asked my Mom, and she said (I think) that it was a Carnival (M…