Email about a possible Tesla experiment

"Dear Sir
I am writing to you to share an idea I had and that I wish to share with The Shaolin Temple, if I may.
I have already shared this idea I had some time ago with Nasa, The American Space Agency.
I have already contacted you some time ago about a problem that I had regarding the heritage of my father, and that you kindly replied.
So, the idea that I had is written in english language, and is a scanning of papers that I have written by hand. These scanning are 8 pages, starting from 1 to 8, and are in attachment to this email. It is the original email I have sent to Nasa, the American Space Agency.
There may be the possibility, on the central axis of this transformer, of the long triangular piece, to give a twist of 90 ° (as I said in the written text, but not 90 °, it is more exactly 120 °), the plasma beam can shoot. In this case it would be a pistol, not a sword.
Dear Sir, Please see that this is just an idea that I had and that I would like to share with The Shaolin Temple. I have never tried any of this, and it's an idea completely out of the box, in my perspective.
I am 3rd level of Kung-Fu To'A, and I have all my technique written in papers and scanned, on the cloud (I uploaded to a hosting server, and these scannings are available to me online). Which means that, as I can forget the exact form of the technique (Kata), I can learn anytime and do the exams. From the first level , Anatoa, to the 3rd level Soto, including Atado. I still have my kung-fu suit and my Shawls.
I hope I am not bothering you with this email. Please accept my deepest sympathies and appreciation for your kindness and attention.
Thank you very much
I am writing to you again. Please excuse me my need to talk and to communicate, but my intentions are not wrong. I wish neither to bother you, or to make anything wrong.
My ideas, these ideas that I am sharing with you now, to me, seem important. These are my feelings. It's all technological, these ideas that I am sharing with you now. At least, that's what I think it can be. According to what I know about Mr. Tesla's past time experiments, and what Mr. Tesla managed to do, with his science and knowledge.
So, if you let me, I will just say one more thing. In attachment you find 2 files in .obj format. It is the file format for 3D printing, in a 3D printer, or online. It can be bought, and the price for steel printing of these 2 3D virtual objects that I am sending you costs about 100€. I am not printing them for myself now, as it is too expensive for me at the moment. But I am sharing with you the models I've made online at the site:
I know some multimedia, and I have studied 3D design software.
The models that I am sending you can be viewed online at the site:
They can be printed in steel (metal), and ordered for a price, at the site:
These models are built in the millimetres scale. So the long triangle measures about 200mm or 20cm. The little hollow triangle measures about 3 cm. Printed, the long triangle fits inside the little hollow triangle.
Continuing my previous email, and what I said that this sort of electric transformer could create a ray, if it had the twist in the form, what I think is that, eventually, the ray could be created even if this metal transformer doesn't have the twist. Just like the 3D models, ready to be printed, that I am sending you in attachment, It is, in my belief, a possibility.
So Sir, anyway, the price for printing in 3D is quite expensive. But I am just writing to you to share this idea of mine that I just had.
If this sort of electric transformer works, it should still have the copper wire rollings in the 3 sides of each hollow triangle, and it should also have a tap of copper or bronze in an extremity. And it would have to be powered by batteries.
Thank you very much Sir.
With my best regards"


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