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Hi. To instal on a Mac the Mac Os X, it is my belief that it is better to leave some free unpartitioned space in the disk. Who gave me that suggestion was a Professor of hardware I had in 2009, Prof. João Santos, in Citeforma school here in Lisbon, when we were in class, all the students. Prof. João Santos, as he told us, had a Master degree in Artificial Inteligence. So, in this article that is below, it shows how to partition the Mac hard drive when installing Mac Os X. My iMac now has got a 320Gb hard drive. I got Mac Os X in a 150Gb partition, I got a 50Gb backups partition, and I got 80Gb free disk space. On Windows it is not complicated when installing the OS. You can , when installing Windows, create a partition for the Operating System, and after Windows is installed, create additional partitions in the free space, and also leave free unpartitioned space in the hard drive. After Windows is installed, that is done using the "create and format disk partitions". If you type that in Windows 7 or later search, it will show, I guess. For an external hard drive, I have tried to partition an external hard drive in Mac Os X, but it wouldn't let me format it in "Mac Os Extended Journaled" format. Just "Ms-Dos (Fat)" file system. And, in this way, the hard drive doesn't accept files larger than about 4Gb. If a file is bigger, the hard drive doesn't let you copy. To arrange this, I formatted the hard drive in Windows, a 1Tb external hard drive, with 4 250Gb partitions, one with free space, and in Windows I formatted the 3 partitions in Ntfs. Then, I plugged the hard drive on the Mac and I formatted again each partition in what I wanted which was the "Mac Os Extended (Journaled)". This way the external hard drive accepts all sizes of files. And it is in Mac format, so the Mac recognises the files. If it were Ntfs, the Windows files type, the Mac wouldn't recognise it. So, here it is. That's a point of view. 
One possibility to fix your Mac errors, and prevent future errors, is leave the Mac for some time with the hard drive empty. That is done when installing the Mac Os X, you create only one partition, with free space. Then you shut down your computer. It's as simple as that. That way the Mac will be absolutely empty, and to use it, you will need to instal Mac Os X again. The hard drive of a Mac is normally magnetic. So, this way, with the hard drive empty, the magnetism of the hard drive will dissipate slowly. You can leave it that way hours, days or one week or so.
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