Earth ground connection :)

Hi. Have you tried connecting yourself to the ground electricity plug, or contact?.. Works pretty well. The normal (1 phase) electricity home plugs with ground has got 3 contacts. The neutral, the phase, and the ground. The phase contact, usually the black wire is deadly if touched. 220v or 110v would definitely or kill you or shake you pretty well. The neutral contact doesn't harm. But the ground contact is the key. I am almost sure that every home has got a least one plug with ground contact. Being it a small house (T1) or a big house. The ground contact can, through a metallic wire. be connected to everything you want with no harm whatever so. To the bars of the balcony of the apartment. To the metal windows. Even to the mass of your laptop usb plugs, with a Usb cable. In this case it connects the mass of the laptop to the Earth ground. Which can be useful since a laptop doesn't have a ground contact. On the contrary of a Pc or iMac. This could be very interesting in fixing laptop errors. See, every computer when it doesn't have any memory (Ram) emits a intermittent beep. On a Pc it usually does so. Or on a iMac. But on a laptop it usually don't. I've noticed it. But it should. So, I try to connect my laptop without memories to the Earth ground through the Usb mass contact, with a Usb cable connected to the laptop Usb port. This, in someway could someday fix your laptop. And it would really beep without the memories (Ram) when turned on. Hope this helps. Thanks :)


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