A house sewing system

Hi. A house. An apartment. With one Wc, it's got 2 sink tubings to the central sewer that after it's recycled, in the main sewers station. One in the Wc and another in the kitchen sink (plus one for the dishes and laundry machines). If it's got 2 Wc, it's got 3 sewers tubings, and so on. See, a house, but especially a building has got like all these underground floors. If the building has a garage, or several levels of garages, that is pretty clear. But, if a building hasn't got garage levels, it's surely got many levels of underground. It's from the construction itself. This is really true, see. A house has surely got an underground construction, even if it doesn't got a basement. And, see this, if the house or building is connected to the central sewing system, it's got (probably) what is called a sewing box just in the house or building construction. It could be sort of a sewers control system that can stop working if the garbage accumulates. So, to keep your house or apartment sewing system in a good shape, you got to think, in the case of an apartment, in the whole building sewing system. And you got to keep pouring detergent into all the apartment (or house) sewing tubings, which you got to identify. Those sort of sewing boxes that I talk about have to be completely free of any garbage. So you can even feel the air coming into the house through the sewing system. Think about it. This sewers problem could be a world problem. Sewers that don't work properly, are from the building itself responsibility, since it's private space, and the main sewers are public responsibility. And a building that could last a real long time, and the apartments be in good condition, things wouldn't turn out ok. It's the apartment owner responsibility to keep his building sewers in good condition, I guess.
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