Crazy portuguese thing

Hi.On the day before New Year's Eve at about 4H00 PM, I contacted this Lisbon company through the phone. This man answers the phone. I told him that I needed this electrician repair. What I told the man who answered the phone was that I needed a  ground connection on a plug that is near the owen, on my kitchen. I clearly told that man that I alone could not open holes in the tiles on the wall, and that what I needed was a wire all the way from the refrigerator (that has a ground connection) to the plug near the owen. I asked him the price for the job. He says that to go our house in Lisbon that was gonna cost 35€, at least. And that for the work in itself the technicians would say when they come. And!.. He said that the technicians had a bank card machine so I could pay with the bank card. Cause I told him that I only had 100€ in money at the house. Maybe 45 minutes later the technicians come. Two of them. They enter. I told them that I just needed a wire from the refrigerator to the owen plug. Thay start laughing. They said that they were gonna "inject" the ground signal to the house plugs on the electricity panel where are the circuit breakers. I said ok. Wrong move. They shut down the electicity and they did it in maybe 10 minutes. Just that.  Then they called and asked me to check the electricity on the house. All was just ok. Than I asked for the bill, what I had to pay: 330€. And to pay at that instant. See this, I got 100€ in money at the house. My mom's bank account got 140€. Not enough. I called at that precise instant my sister and I asked her to transfer 90€ to my mom's account, and when it was done, that she called me back. She calls me, I pay. I payed 100€ in Money, plus one bank transfer of 140€ and plus another  bank transfer of 90€. All 330€. They got a really big smile on their faces and they left my house. This was it. Nice hey?.. Really Portuguese style. They give me a little paper and they say that were gonna send the receipt with Vat number through the mail. That was it. I made just a little complaint to the Goverment through a site that there is here to the consumer's disputes, or complaints... If I want, I can always make an oficial complaint to the Courts of Justice. But to do that I would need a oficial lawyer. Not a private one. And!.. For that I would need to go to the Social Security (in Portugal) and make na oficial request. My mom says no way. That there is absolutely no need for that. To myself, ok. But!.. The Lisbon Social Security centres are just absolutely overcrowded. It opens at 8H30 AM. If you want a ticket to get in the waiting line, you just gotta go there at about 7H00 AM the  very least. Cause at 9H00 AM there are no more tickets for the waiting line for nobody. The last time I went there, to the Social Security, I got there at 8H15 AM, I got maybe hundreds of people ahead of me in a waiting line just to get a ticket. I really got a ticket, but they only talked to me at 5H15 PM. I waited there all day long. Nice. Really nice. Thanks.


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