Clean the air of the planet :)

How can you do that?.. Clean the air of the planet?.. It's simple, you'll see. I really do believe you just gotta spread spores, vegetable spores, all over the air of our planet. I mean, the air of our planet is quite alive, it's got lots of life (in the good sense and also the bad sense), and certainly it's got like lots and lots of vegetable spores, that the wind carries and that come from the trees and the plants. The sea, is easy, like the algae things I've talked before. But the air, and also the ground, that the ground may not be very fertile, and may not produce much vegetables, like in agriculture, it may be more fertile (I believe) this way. With natural vegetable seeds, any vegetable that is put into the ground already fertilizes the ground. Not by consuming vegetables like with fire. That is only gonna cause more carbon monoxide (CO). Create more life, give our planet's life one chance, like more chances. The planet may really need it. And we certainly do.
So, I've shared my thoughts. I've shared my point of view.
Thanks so much :)


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