A mostrar mensagens de Julho, 2017

Family problems

Hi. When my father (Dr. José Moreira de Campos Alves, a Portuguese diplomat with the highest rank before embassador) died in 1991, soon after, in 1992 my mother told me that my father had a bank account in a Swiss bank and that my sister Margarida Alves forged my father's signature to withdraw the money that was in that bank account. That money belonged to the heirs, which was my mother and my three sisters and me. I don't know to whom bank account that money went, neither how much money was in that bank account. Maybe 10 years ago my mother told me that my share was 25.000€. I talked a few days ago with my sister Alexandra and she told me that it was very little which was in that bank account when my father died. Now, I don't trust nobody. All I have (really assured) is the heritage of the 3 houses, one in Lisbon (where I live with my mom) and two small houses in Algarve which used to be for our holidays. And that is assured. Now, this is public. Thanks