The cancer and the mind

I'm gonna share a point of view that I have, and that I would like to share. The cancer. The cancer is a disease that kind of disconnects us from our environment at the present moment. I mean, we are at the sea level, but somehow our body acts or reacts like if we were at the top of a mountain. At high or very high altitude. But, try to see this, as the body could react and act as if it was at the top of the highest mountain, it could also react and act as if it was at the deepest places of the sea. The Earth ground which is in some places covered by water, the sea. This calls my attention to the issue of pressure. More pressure or less pressure.  That disconnection causes disease and our body starts to malfunction. Things can go much far and the disease can be terrible. I believe. Our mind is dreams, our mind has wings, our mind flies deep into the more far regions of space, and that is called Astral Projection. Solar system and the moons of the planets. In the Andes, the indians take coca leaves which they chew so they can stand the altitude. If the question would be as to under the sea, that is another problem. Why not rest?.. To live a healthy life there are many available things. Every day more probably. We are one, we have a complex body.
Thank you very much for listening. I'll be online :)


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