Industrial Hemp without seeds

Industrial hemp can stress you. I believe that is because, if you smoke it with the seeds, it can really harm you. I don't really know why, but it is a fact. I got quite of that at home. Industrial hemp, perfectly legal, and bought online. I removed all the seeds and large branches from my industrial hemp. I removed all the seeds one by one, with tweezers, in a large plate (and also the large branches), and I kept only the flowers. The seeds are on a separate plastic bag, that I keep, so I can maybe someday plant them. The hemp that I got from that, which is industrial hemp, is absolutely wonderful (but not too much). It still scents like menthol and mint, and the feeling is just great. Not really like weed, in the sense of marijuana as we figure it, but more like a new weed, very medicinal, very positive, and that we feel really great when we take it. Breathing better, feeling at peace, happy in a word.
So, my feelings are, that if you take (maybe smoke) hemp flowers with CBD, it makes the wrong things in your body go away (e.g. go to the bathroom). And this for me is pretty much clear. So much clear. And, if you take industrial hemp without the seeds, only the flowers, it makes the wrong things in your mind go away. It makes you happy!..
Thank you so much for listening.
I'll be online.


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