The tube baby - really old short story

The Tube Baby  Once upon a time in a land far far away, lived a Man and a woman... They was married, and they couldn't have babies...They've been trying it for a long long time...Sometimes, the Man though to himself: "Woowww!... It's been So so long....What's the matter with us?...Doesn't god love us?...Like we love him?..." But there was no answer... God was silent as he always had been...After trying everything he could, the man thought that he could ,as a last resource, ask his dear wife if she would be so kind as to try with him artificial insemination,so that "life could have it's way..."...So,one warm evening, in the summertime, he said:"Lilly, you know, I've been thinking... Do you wanna have a tube baby?... This might work, at last, for us..."So, she said:"Jack, I do love you...Do you think it will work?...Do you?...Tell me please...." As he answered: "It's Okay, Lilly... I'm sure this time we will have our desired and beloved baby...". She cried... And So did him... As the day began, they started packing, to got to the clinic, where Dr. Peter was awaiting them...They drove through that long lonely Australian road that lead to the
Big City that was Adelaide, in the South. When they arrived, there Was the Doctor, awaiting them."Hello Dr. Peter. This is my wife, Lilly."Said Jack. So they went in. The clinic was all white, and had nice paintings on the walls. Everything was so friendly. Sometimes, you could hear someone laugh, or a voice through the loudspeakers; a feminine voice. They felt at home. No, they felt more that at home, they felt like thay was living in a dream. A real good nice dream, like one they were gonna dream, sometime... "Hello Dr. Kate!.. Let me introduce you to Jack and Lilly Roth. They're the ones who are gonna have the baby." Said Dr. Peter to Dr. Kate, in the middle of the corridor, next to the elevators. Dr. Kate was tall, blonde and has pretty nice blue eyes. She could talk anyone into doing anything she wanted, if she so pleased. She was kind of irresistible, with her nice looks, and her strong voice. She was older than the Roths, but looked, if not younger, the same age. "Welcome to our clinic!.. Are you ready for the big moment?..." said Dr. Kate, smiling. "Oh yes!.." said the Roths at the same time. They laughed. "Please, come with me." said Dr. Kate. They left Dr. Peter behind, who waved goodbye, smiling...They went into Dr. Kate's consulting Office, which had a nice view of the gardens, and the sea a few miles away. "You can step into this small room; I'll give you these two containers. When you've finished, both of you, just put them in the refrigerator. There's no need to worry. It's empty.". They had a small histerical laugh,and felt a little bit cold, and shivered. So, they went into the room. Dr. Kate said, when they went in "I'll be right here, if you need anything.". The room was warm, and they were amazed with what they saw. They just couldn't believe it. The four walls of that small room were intirelly painted with all the colours of the rainbow... They laughed, and said : "Can you believe this?...It's amazing!...".In fact, there it was. The small room had rainbows painted on all four walls. They were thin vertical lines of paint everywhere. Then they looked up. They said "Wooowwww!....". In the ceiling, was painted a nice evening sky, with two moons. One was a regular white moon, and the other, twice as large, was a pink moon. In the ceiling, was even painted the stars and galaxies.... But most amazing of all, were the lights... In that little room, were fluorescent lamps. also with the colours of the rainbow. There was no white light inside... They laughed, hugged each other and kissed...This is how love begins. With nothing. And it ends with the entire world in his hands. Howbeautiful...Sex was as it always is: Great!... They did it together. And filled the little cups.... "Dr.Kate!.. It's done.... How long is it gonna take now?..." Said they when they stepped out of the little room. They were sweating, and looked tired..."Just about five minutes!..." Said Dr. Kate. "Wait for me here." She said again, and went into the little room. What she was doing, they didn't know, but soon after, she opened the door, and said: "Lilly, do you mind comming in?... Alone?...". Lilly went in, smiling, and letting go of Jack's hand, gently. Jack was happy. He had always been happy since he met Lilly. It was love at first sight. They konwn each other for a really long time now. Jack always thought that she was really happy with him too. She was always telling him so. And he had always believed her. Now more than ever, he loved her. There was something diferent in the air Jack was cold. As the sun began to went down in the sky, he felt that the temperature was dropping. But it was just a feeling. Soon everything was alright. What time was it?.. He had lost track of time... How long had he been inside that little room with Lilly?.. One hour?.. Two hours?...More?... He was beginnig to get hungry. Lilly came out of the room with Dr. Kate. "Jack!.. Will it be a boy?.. Will it be a Girl?..."She smilled at him. He ran to her and hold her in his arms, as strong as he could. "Lilly!.. I'm so happy!..." he said. They were like that for a little while, and then, Dr Kate went behind her desk and they sat down in the chairs , in front. "It's done. Let's pray for the best. Jack: Lilly must rest, and she must not have any botherings, do you understand?...none at all....". Jack said: "Alright Dr. Kate. I'll take good care of her. Don't worry.". And they left. Near the front door, inside, was Dr. Peter, waiting for them. He said: "Congratulations!..Now you will have a baby!...", smiling... They said goodbye, went into that old black mercedes and drove away, back to their house. When they arrived , it was colder, so they went into the blankets, and made love.. all night... As time passed by, lilly's belly grew bigger, and bigger... They were happy, and jack made sure that nothing ever missed for Lilly. And also, that nothing troubled her... She was always smiling, and they laughed a lot together.... They laughed at little things... Like at the little birds swimming at the side of the pool, or at the sound of a strange bird... They can say that everything was alright now. They've made it. Nine months later after that day in the room of the rainbows, lilly started to have contractions.. and the waters broke up.... Jack at first didn't know what to do, but then he stopped thinking, and let his feellings guide him.... He took her upstairs, to the room , and laid her in the bed, that was unmade, for a change... She was screaming... More and more.... He thought she could be possessed, or something but no... She was really having a baby.... She screamed, and screamed, and turned her head from one side to the other.... Jack could only stare... and pray, of course.... Then , she reached with her hands between her legs and called him..."Jack!.. It's comming...." He joined her, by the side of the bed, and lifted the dirty clothes of the bed... She was, obviously naked... Then with a final push, and scream, a little baby came out.... Pop, was the sound it made... He was very small, red, and had the umbilical cord attached... Lilly said: "No Jack!... There's another one!..." And pushed again... Pop, there came another one, just like the one before... Jack didn't think... He took the sterilysed scissors, and cut the first umbilical cord, way large. Then he made the knot... He took care instantly of the other baby, just like the one before, and put them both in his mothers arms... They were sleeping... Jack cried... Lilly smilled.... Soon after, maybe five minutes or so, both babies started to cry, really loud!.. First one , then the other.... They cried, and cried, for a really long time.. Lilly was naked,under the sheets... So, they started to feed from her breasts, sucking, and sucking her milk...That,for a long, long time.... Then lilly said: "Jack!.. Is it a boy, is it a girl?..." And Jack said: "I don't know Lilly. Maybe it's a boy and a girl." As lilly replied: " Yes Jack!.. It's a boy and a girl!..." . As Jack said: "Jade!.. We'll call her Jade!.. Do you like it Lilly?..." As lilly answered: "Oh yes Jack!.. That's what we'll call them... Alex and jade...". Both babies grew strong, and wild. They were both of the sign of the cat, element metal. They were nice children when they were young. They always did what they were told, and didn't made too much demands. Soon, Lilly had another pair of twins,both boy plus girl. But this time there was no need of medical assistance. It all hapened naturally.Jack and Lilly never told Alex and Jade that they were made In Vitro. In fact , they never told anybody about it. But Alex and Jade didn't care. They were Wild. They were Free... Like everybody should be...The end


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