One more short story :)

John and Miranda got married. Not long ago. It was a very simple ceremony, with a friend, in the middle of the forest, during spring, right after sunrise. They were so much in love. Babies didn't had happen , yet. They liked going to the beach, and to sleep in the open air, and to collect sea shells. They already had quite a colection of those. Sometimes they went to the city, maybe shopping.. One day, they went to another trance festival, in another country. It was quite far. They got in, and at a certain time, they bumped into something. They were a little far from the other people, and they were so curious of what it was. They said: "Hi!.. Who are you?.." Then it said:"Teng!..". John instantly became on alert. For already knew that word, from a really long time ago. MIranda laughed. Then John said:"Oh!.. You mean So Teng". The bird said "Seng!..". By that time they already had the clear sort of vision that it was a bird. And a really large one, so to say!..He must been as tall as them. Then John told Miranda:"I know what this is. Remember what we talked about, about the Reborn Phoenix?..". Miranda said:"Yes!.. Is this it?..". John said:" Yes. It's really him , or her, I don't know". They were like that for a while. It was a very hot day, and the air was very clear, and pure and fresh. Then the Bird said:"So Long!..". John said imediatellly:"No!.. So Wang Seng So Teng!..You can't leave, not now!..". They were hearing a distant song, maybe it was the music from the festival that was playing. It was nice. He just didn't want the Bird to leave, that was all. Then the Bird said:"Big Bang Seng So Wang!.. Big Bang Teng So Seng!.. So Seng Teng So Long!.. Seng So Long!..". Then John saw it. It was a silver object that was standing in the air, and that the Bird put down, near his feet. John realized imediately what it was. He looked at Miranda and said:"Do you know what that is?..". Miranda laughed and said:"It's not mine!..". John laughed and told the Bird:"Thank you!..What shall I do with it?..". The Bird said:"Teng!.. Teng!..". John though a bit, and said:"So Seng!..". They realized that the Bird was about to leave. He was still invisible, but they had their imagination. They could almost see him. Then the Bird said:"So Long!.. So Long Viet Vo Dao!.." and went away. They could really feel him, going away, in the sky. They thought he went into the sun. John instantly picked the metal object from the ground. It was a cylinder, with a little switch, and so. He turned it on. And it started to play music. Techno music it played. John switched it off. The music stopped. But they could still hear the music that came from the festival. John and Miranda went and put it on their tent. It was quite heavy. One day passed by, and they were just enjoying the festival, always getting up a little before sunrise. One day, a boy and a girl aproached them. They started talking to them, and they seemed really nice. Miranda told John that she liked them, and John agreed. So, one day, in the middle of a conversation, the boy said (his name was Benny):"So!.. Do you have it?.. That thing that I saw you with, made of metal?..". John laughed and said:"Sure!.. Wanna see it?..". They went, all four of them, to John and Miranda's tent. John gave Ben the object. Ben turned it on, somehow, and it was a lightsaber. The colour was yellow, or orange. Ben waved it around a bit, being careful, then turned it off. Ben gave back the saber to John, and said:"So!.. What are you gonna do with it?.." John said:"I don't know, maybe give it to someone." Then Ben said:"No!.. Never do that!.. Whoever brough it to you, is gonna take it away from you." John agreed. Ben said:"There's no problem with that. Just keep it at home." Ben's girlfriend, Sarah, was very pretty. She really got along well with both of them, as did Benny. The festival went along great, until it ended. When John and Miranda said goodbye to Ben and Sarah, Ben said:"I've got your email and number. I'll call you, right?.." John said:"Or I'll call you!.." They went home, but soon there would be more fun. Trance is an art, like Love. Don't be bound by procedures. Expect the unexpected. A good surprise may just be comming your way. Life is full of good things, and things less good. Summer is joy, and winter is sadness. But in the rain, lies the true hope for mankind. Like tears from the sky.


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