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The king of Hearts Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a king. His name was Huizilopochtli. And a mighty king he was. All his people loved him, and he loved his people very much. The king was born in the year of the Hummingbird, in the Aztech mithology. The spirit of the Hummimgbird had guarded him all his life, and he always listenned very close to his heart. His heart was where the Hummingbird was, and that was very true. His heart was kind, and physically, very strong. He could feel very well the beatings of his heart, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but always very strong beatings they were. Very strong. His heart was very trained, somewhat very muscled, and also he could always feel his heart develloping. The muscle fibers of his heart did develop. It was like a crystalization. Huizilopochtli knew very well that in his heart were the deepest secrets of his soul. And he knew how to keep them that way, secret. In his heart lived the memories of countless wars, of countless lost loves, and also were the memories of the sky he lived in. The sky was what he loved more in his land. Which was the land of his fathers, and forefathers. In the sky he dreamed, he dreamed of distant lands, and distant shores, and distant people. Huizilopochtli had never married yet. It hadn't happened yet. He had many friends in his country. But he was lonely. His loneliness made him suffer. He dreamed of having children, boys or girls. He dreamed of their names. He dreamed of their lives. Emotionally, he was very secure. He was always very clear about his feelings. About his past. And about his future. His loneliness came from a sort of insecurity, that he was still unravishing. He searched deep inside his feelings, and he meditate. He had this feeling that the problem could come from his body, as if something could be wrong, somewhere in his body. But he knew not where exactly the problem was. He took good care of himself, taking the right plants, besides his meals. He took much water, and that pleased him so much. He didn't like much wine. It didn't make him happy. He liked very much the trees. He thought he had a very special connection with the trees. He was always so happy when he was close to the trees. The closer the better, he thought. For him, trees had scents. Each tree had a scent, and the scent changed all the time. Sometimes a good scent, other times a bad scent. That was kind a way for the trees to communicate with him, a way to guard his life, and to teach him to live. They were a conscioussness, the trees. His life was being watched from far beyond. Maybe from other dimensions, and the trees were the key. So, one day he went to a ceremony in a village, not very distant from his city. Everything was beautiful when he arrived. Everything was full of colors and flowers. He was so excited!.. There were there many many people, from even other countries, and from all over his own country. It was the first time his saw such a ceremony. He travelled by foot, with his sandals. As he arrived there, he wanted to rest for a while, and to take a bath, after the many days of travelling. He told his friends he was going to try to find water, maybe a river stream, or a little lake, where he could bath. He headed to the outer regions of the village, a little into the wilderness. Soon he found a little river stream, which he followed the stream to it's source, and then he found a very big lake, with a huge waterfall. Wow. He was so amazed. So beautiful it was. He could hear the water fall, and the sounds of the birds. He took off his clothes and he went into the water. The water was fresh and he felt so good. Soon after, he heard someone laughing. He looked, and there was a group of girls, staring at him. He smiled at them. They waved at him, and called him to go to them. So, he went out of the water, got dressed, and went towards the girls. They introduced themselves, and said that they already knew who he was; that he was the king. He said that they were all very pretty, and they were indeed. The king noticed a girl in particular, a blue eyed girl. A shy girl, who was always very quiet. They spent some time talking, and as the night was comming close, they all returned to the village. When they got separated to go each one to his house, the king told the blue eyed girl that he would like to talk to her again, maybe tomorrow. She said ok, and they arranged a meeting , to watch the sunrise together, at the top of the biggest pyramid. The king sleeped very well that night. He was kind of silent at dinner, and his friends noticed that, but they didn't ask him anything. So, when he waked up, in the middle of the night, he went straight to the pyramid. He climbed the thousands of stairs that got to the top like it was nothing. He felt very good at that time, and he had good feelings. He was a very strong man, physically. When he reached the top, he saw candles burning, and there was someone there. He approached and he saw that it was the blue eyed girl. She was already there. He felt good, and asked her if she sleeped that night. She said yes, and that she arrived a little while ago. She saw him climbing the stairs to the top of that pyramid. He sat next to her, and hold her hand. Her hand was fresh, and his was warm. Then, she kissed him. She gave him a soft long kiss, which he treasured, and hoped would never end. When their lips stopped touching, his eyes were closed. He opened his eyes, and the sky was different. It was purple. And the stars were so bright. The girl hugged on to him, very close. And he put his arms around her, and told her he loved her. She smiled. The sun was very close to rising at that moment, and there was a cool breeze in the air. Soon the sun was already in the sky, and there was already people moving in the village. They both waited until the sun was quite high, and then they went down, together, holding their hands. They never got separated again. She told him she promised she would give him children, and he promised he would never ever leave her. When this king gave his love to a woman, his gave all he had. He didn't keep any love to himself. And the woman who won his heart, was a woman that would never betray his trust, and that would take care of his heart like if it was the most fragile little animal in the world. She knew that his heart was made of Crystal. She knew that his heart would never be broken. Pedro Alves - 30-07-2014 16H51


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