Old short story - the invisible girlfriend

xx The Invisible Girlfriend
Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a man. His name was John. John was not very young anymore, but he desired (and wished) for a girlfriend, that he could love, and that also loved him, and maybe even have children together. John was kind of shy, but all along his life he had been “coming out of his shell”, in
a manner of speaking. John was born in a world that didn't have much technology. All through his life, mankind had been evolving a lot, in all aspects. Science, culture, medicine, social aspects, like the morality, also had evolved a lot. One can say that people weren't ashamed of (showing) their naked body anymore; neither in beaches, and so.
John really liked the world he was living in. He had the feeling that it could only get better.
John really liked Psytrance music, and was listening whenever he could. Always. He dreamed of becoming a producer. One year, during summer, John went to a Psytrance Festival. He took his tent and sleeping bag, and there he went, with his ticket. He was really enjoying it, ever since the first instants. Soon after he arrived in the dancefloor, he bumped into something. He didn't know with what, at first. Then She said: “I'am so sorry”. He took a little time to realize that it was an invisible woman, or girl . Then he said also “please excuse me, I didn't see you”. As She laughed, and said “I know!.. It's all my fault. I should have been more careful, but I was having so much fun, dancing”. Then, John said: “My name is John. What is your name, Miss?..”. As She said: “Miranda. My name is Miranda”. John instantly fell in love with Her. He could not see Her, but by the sound of Her voice, he knew that She wasn't a child. He guessed about 26 or 27 years old. He said: “Do you wanna have a coffee with me?..”. The music was loud, but they understood each other quite good. She then said: “Of course!.. We can talk a bit!..”. They went to the Festival restaurants area, and sat down in a bench, on a table. She said: “So!.. What do you think?.. I mean, of me being invisible, and all...”. John said:”I think it's beautiful!.. I wish I could do that!..”. Then he said:” So, do you love this kind of music?..”. As She said:”Oh yes!.. It's the best there is, isn't it?..”. They laughed. Then, John said: “Can I hold your hand?..”. She took his hand gently, and John felt the coldness of her skin. Her skin was soft, and John said: “You must be beautiful..”. She laughed and said: “ Maybe you will really see me, someday, soon.. “. They were like that for a while, and then She let go of his hand, but John could feel She still was there, maybe looking at him.
The Festival went on, and every day they met at the same place, at Sunrise, and were together until they were falling asleep, and went to bed. It was the first time that John had been to such a Festival, and he was really liking it. One day, She said to him:” I think we should take this more seriously. I mean, our relationship. Don't you think?..”. He said:”I would really like this. I mean you want to be my girlfriend, really?..”. She laughed and gave him Her first kiss. They were now really dating. Things went along great, between them. Then, one day, John thought to himself: “I can't really see Her. But, can She see me?..”. He felt cold. When they were together, the next time, he decided do ask Her. He said:” Miranda. You know I can't really see you, don't you?.. But, can you see me?..”. She was silent, for a while. Then John could see Her. He almost fell apart. She was so beautiful. His perfect woman, that he had been thinking so much about, for so long. She was just there, sitting next to him, holding his hand. He the asked Her: “Miranda. I can see you now. But, can you see me?..”. She said:”Of course John. I could always see you. Always. I could see your body, your heart, your mind and your soul. And I love you John. I really do!.. Do you believe me?..”. John said:” I believe you, Miranda. You will see. We will be so happy together.”
The music was playing. The people were passing by. Boys. Girls. The Sun was very high in the Sky at that moment. It must have been midday.
John and Miranda were happy people. They had their problems, they had their joy. They then lived their lives together, in that Festival, with the sound of that music, with everybody else.
Psytrance can really help you find yourself. And when you do find yourself, you won't be so lonely anymore. You will be One. With the Universe.


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