Industrial Hemp :(

Hi. Got this great industrial hemp from an Eu country. I opened the package maybe a few hours after I received through the mail. The smell was wonderful. Menthol and mint. I smelled the weed in all it's senses, and I just went crazy thinking what if I smoked that thing. True and honest. First day, pretty much alright. Second day, I felt my lungs with this absolute freshness, and breathing easyness and I almost didn't smoke any. Third day, delirious. Beautiful blue colors, the sky in the air, and everything fresh. And at the end of the day, breakdown. Recovery was slow and hard. Body stress, and tiredness without much rest in lying and sleeping. Still, quite early and through medication, I went to bed, fell asleep, and slept very well (indeed true) for 13 hours without waking up. New day prefect. Much afraid or other possible future effects of that industrial hemp, but happy and all. I am smoking that now mixed with tobacco and hemp flowers with high Cbd. It's what I got. It's what I can get. I wonder about legalization?.. Everyday more. I have fear in me?.. Anytime. Sexuality?.. Just feeling a little sad. Weed can be just great. Legalize our health. Are we condemned to be always so sick?.. Are there alien intervention?.. I don't think that people who would criminalize consumption are crazy. I think we are crazy. We hear crazy techno music. We fly in crazy aeroplanes. We sail in crazy boats. We got crazy cats, and crazy dogs. It only matters if we are happy. That's all we need. Thanks!.. On-line O:)


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