Things that change :)

Hi. Been a while. The days we live in. Gas polution, and poisoning, wrong food, problems. See this. I really believe there is an identity in things. In air, water and earth. And all. And there is a material identity, a vegetable identity, a insect, reptile and mammal. After all becomes alien. I even think there are other identities before the material. many. The air that you breathe, the water that you drink, in my opinion and my sense of things, has an identity. I think it can have, besides a material identity, a vegetable identity and so on. Does it have, the air and water?.. I watch these things very closely. I fear polution, and that causes many sicknesses. I hear something very good. I believe, that as far as the EU is concerned, Cannabis Sativa is entirely legal. Cannabis Indica is forbiden. I believe here in Portugal growing cannabis at home is not legal because it could grow Indica. I have this great vision, of some weed I smoked in 1995 that it was Ruderalis. Can never be sure, I guess. But that's not the biggest of problems. I take hemp. I take many herbs for many things. I am being medicated for a real long time. I feel just fine and I am ok. Music still sets me free. Thanks. I'll be right here :)


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