Some cool links :)

The Astral Projection site. They're from Tel Aviv, Israel. They have been playing Goa Trance since the late 80's. They are also known as SFX:

This is a Yoga learning center here in Lisbon. This is where a very good friend, a childhood friend teaches Yoga. I have already learned with Her, for some months, and I liked it very much:

My sister Margarida Alves site. She is a designer, professional:

Free Goa Trance site. Ektoplazm. I like very much Afgin, Sky Technology and Trinodia:

A computers company that there is here in Lisbon and that I like very much. It was where we bought our first computer in 1998. With internet. It was a Pentium 233MHz MMx City Desk. They only sell (by demand) and repair desktop computers:

Thank you :)


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