Natural nutrition

I will post here the notes from my natural nutrition workshop with my master , Guilherme Luz: Liquid: Water, Fruitjuice,  Cereal milk(soy,oats and rice) animal milks (cow, goat,donkey,buffalo) Tea Yoghurt(animal or soy,or kefir)
 Cereal In Grain Flakes Flour Bread(dry or sprouted)Biscuits
Examples: Brown rice,millet,Boulgour,Oats, etc..
Vegetables In Grain Lentils Beans:adzuki,red,black  Fruit, Natural Dried Dates, apricots, goji, almond Vegetables: Root beets,horseradish,turnip
 Stalks: Sprouts, Broccoli Stalks: leaves,spinach,watercress,lettuce round
 vegetable germinated: beans, leek, celerys: carrots, courgettes mushrooms,bean sprouts Oilseeds:Sunflower,Sesame,Linseed Nuts: Almond Nut Peanut Butter, Sesame, almond, walnut,peanut
Sweeteners Natural cereal malt barley, rice Honey Agave Molasses(eg sugar cane) whole Sugar

"Let thy food be thy medicine"

 Spices Salt Shoyu Tamari Cinnamon Vanilla Cayenne Pepper
 Complementary Proteins Tofu Seitan Egg Eggshell (eg eggnog)Tempeh Nato Miso (rice,barley,soybeans)
 Other exotic algae Maca Gizeng Ginger Hemp Spirulina Aloe vera f
orms and combinations Salty, sweet, hot, cold,thick and liquid
Some delicious experiences:
A shake: banana, apple, cooked millet, barley malt, natural soy yogurt, water or fruit juice, spirulina (crushing everything and drink, add more liquid or thicker if desired).
 A shake: Soy Milk or Goat (the choice ), Banana, 1 tablespoon of MACA, Cayenne, Miso rice or barley (grind it and drink).
 A shake: brown rice, spirulina, apples (pippin or red), water taste, natural soy yogurt, corn jelly , rice milk and aloe(shred everything and drink) - by Master Guilherme Luz


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