Meeting about meditation

 I will post here my notes from the workshop about meditation with my master Guilherme Luz:
Meeting about Meditation
Professor Guilherme Luz
 09/10/2011 from 15H30 to 19H00
Meditation equals Contemplation. The two techniques or states of mind. It is about the contact with the whole, with everything there is and that exists. It is like climbing a hill (like a mirror) and that, at the top, you contemplate the world, that is like a labyrinth. The first technique invented by man to meditate/contemplate was the orgasm (orgasmic state). The fisrt state of mind of meditation/contemplation was the Music. It is done by the work of our center, our inner center, of our body, or of our mind. It is about centering ourselves. It is about catching our center, being aware of our center (body and mind), and going beyond our center.
Our body was given to us by our fathers. Our mind was given to us by ourselves. It is about our second life, giving life to ourselves. We must go beyond our mind. It is about growing up, and becoming more mature. It is a work done by our yin and Yang, without a center. We must slow down. From the center, it is a voyage of expansion.
If we're Yang (at that moment) we are Solar, we concentrate on the outside, we accelerate ourselves. We need more inner tranquility, not to be too Yin after. I mean , when a Yang cycle begins, we may become fascinated by it, and wish (long) for more. But, we must be aware, that afterwards, a Yin cycle will begin (true), and we must not fall into exagerations, especially if it's yin that it's about. It could be like falling into a pit. We reach the bottom, but must come back up again, smoothly, easilly.
The state of meditation/contemplation is an altered state of mind. There are three states like that: deep relaxation, praying (the best is when you thank, it's more mature), and Trance.
In Zen, the Master says that you must be very aware of the interval between thoughts. At that time, you must awake. In Tantra, you ingest substances. The meditation is only our meditation. There is no universal state of meditation. There is only our inner idea of meditation. Our inner-self is very important, essential.
We can be a disciple. A disciple , is someone who creates interior order, within himself. If someone doesn't create interior order, he is not a disciple. A disciple learns with everything, and can easilly not have a Master. To be a disciple, one doesn't have to have a Master.
Extasy means out of mind.
It's about illumination, we recreate. It's about thirst and satiation. We transcend the senses. It is deep meditation.
Zen is the Budhism of meditation. It came from India, then went to China, then to Japan.
There is only our Zen. Zen means now. The simple things are very complete and deep. What is complicated is superficial.
Meditation balances our body. It is a change of living. One becomes rebel. Being rebel means you are in favor of something.
"From medication to meditation" by'Rajneesh', is a good book.
Through meditation, one disolves the problems. They disolve.
Catarsis, the purification of the soul, by the mean of an emotional discharge.
A total reset.
Let go, let flow.
By Pedro Manuel Alves --> 10/10/2011 07H54 AM


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