how weed doesn't kill you but it can wound you

Hi. please let me tell you the story of how weed was dangerous to me. I was 17. I smoked weed here in Lisbon, maybe weed from Angola, which was very strong and with seeds. real seeds. mature seeds, to plant again. I smoked a big joint almost alone. I was walking home and I became feeling weak and I sat down against a tree. I was paralysed and scared, sitting down against the tree. so much scared. then the effect went away naturally. Then I was ok. it was soon all ok. some months after , with hasch I smoked a joint with a friend, then I was late for school, and I had to catch a train to go to school. I ran to catch the train. so so fast I ran. I catch the train, in fact. But then I was sitting down on the train chairs, and I started feeling dizzy. I got up and I was still feeling dizzy. I fainted.. someone took me out of the train, to a station. Then I woke up. I knew where I was, I was at the next station after the school station. Someone bought me a coffee. I drank a glass of water, at a cafe at the station. Then I was pretty much ok, and I went to the school. Fainting and becoming paralysed doesn't happen to me frequently. Only when I take things that make me those wrong effects. This is what I have felt all my life. Thank you so much for hearing me.


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