a short story

"Once I saw a cat on a beach. She was black and white. So beautiful. She was just standing there, in the sun, right after sunrise. I was just going for a walk on the beach, in my favorite moment of the day, and I saw her. She was standing there on the top of a dune, and I approached her, very gently. She didn't move, she stared at me, with her wild yellow eyes. I reached my hand to her, very gently, and she smelled it. I backed away. The sky was blue, and also the sea was blue. A very nice day it was gonna be. We were just standing there, both of us, watching the sea. Hearing the seagulls. Enjoying the moments. Knowing each other. Then came another cat. Then another. And another. There were already a few cats near me. Adult cats they were. I wondered if they were someone's cats, from one of the cottages in front of the beach. I wondered if they were wild cats. There was still no one on the beach at that time. Everybody was still sleeping. But not the cats. Then I saw her. A beautiful young woman. She was stepping of the house, in a bathsuit, and she was heading for the sea, with her towel. Then she dropped the towel very carefully and went in the water. She dived. Then she dived again, on the waves. Then again. I could see she was really enjoying it. Then she came out, and sat in her towel, carefully disposed on the sand. She was just sitting there, facing the sea, with her legs crossed and her back very straight. The day was getting warmer. One could already see some people, far away. I decided to go and say hello to her. I approached her and i said: "hi!.. Are you ok?...". She looked at me and smiled and said:"hi!.. Everything's fine, thank you. ". I said:" did you see those cats, on the beach, there?.." and I pointed. The cats were still there. She said:"yes!.. They're my cats. Since long ago. They're having families, and I take care of them". We were quiet for a while. Then I said:"do you have babies now?..". As she replied: "yes!.. I have some now. They were born a month ago. They're so funny. They're beautiful, and everything's going on alright". She invited me for a coffee in her house, and so that I could see the kittens. I was delighted. The little cats were beautiful. Their mom was very nice too. I could see the cats could always come in and out of the house whenever they pleased, through an open door. Everything was very quiet in her home. Everything looked very new. Time was going by, and I thought I should be going along. She said:" come by anytime. It was very nice to meet you. ". I was delighted with such woman. I had this feeling that she was a good person. The cats liked her. And so did I. I showed up some times at her house during that spring. We got to know each other much better. I've got her phone and her email. And I'll never forget how I feel. I'll never forget what I've seen. I'll never forget the cat lady and her cats, by that beach, by that sea, under that sky. And I know she will not forget me either."7/4/2014 10:46 am


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