Why :)

Hi!.. Time passes by fast. Soon, it will be Xmas again, and everybody will be happy again. Everybody is always happy at Xmas. It's a Holy Night. Like when I talk about the Holy Land, without any disregard between Palestinians or Israeli. I feel sad for the situation. Big problems. I respect the Jewish religion, like I respect the Islamic religion. And there's the refugee crisis. Winter is just the coldest it can get. Lots and lots of snow, everywhere. Can you guess that?.. And also sand as far as the eyes can see. No shadow. I see clearly when my mind is calm and my heart is at rest. I am not afraid of the future. I wish I never run out of good luck, and that's all there is to it. Things got rough?.. Yes.. I do miss some people. I can't say I am not able to have a relationship, or date, or go out, maybe at night. Or even kiss. I don't feel that at all. I, sometimes , feel my body stressed. It's not, sometimes, a very easy situation for me to handle. But just sometimes. It's not very frequent, much less every day. I feel smart, and also intelligent. Sometime ago, I felt, or thought something that it was that life was a matter of choices. Some time ago. It's all choices. The things we take, the supplements, the water, everything is , in a way, in our hands. Of course, if I want something, I will try to have it. Maybe some things don't work for us, sometimes. A contrariness. We know that feeling almost since we were born. Love is a light, a warm, comfortable light, that gives us good dreams at night, and that lets us rest all we need and want to. Always. A very special message for someone who could be in Space: "I wish I was like you!..". Thanx really, and I'm here :)


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