Hemp buds are nice

Hi!.. Been to the Zna festival. Been dreaming about it every night ever since, and such nice dreams they are. The festival was absolutely visionary, and at the end I was just too tired even to dance. I wanted to tell you about something that I found out at ebay, and that some people may like. It's hemp, but it's the flowers, with low concentration of Thc, legal in the Eu. It's called "hemp buds" and there may be some for sale. I'm waiting for it to arrive by mail. See, low concentration of Thc is better than none at all, and it seems to me that some hemp may have zero Thc. I'm not sure if it is the Thc that makes you feel so good when you take hemp, or cannabis, but that's no problem. I haven't tried the buds yet, but since it's the flowers, I trust you wouldn't really feel the difference from any weed. These are my feelings. It can make you somehow complete, and benefit your life so much. Thank you for listening. Be back soon :)


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