The good Citron (Citrus Medica)

Hi!.. Just received yesterday the Citron. It was like awakening. The first taste of the tea, and I couldn't stop drinking it. Also had a few pieces, that I took. Still got this huge need to drink lots of water. Which is very good!.. Been sharing with some friends this idea of mine that Citron is very worth purchasing (Ebay) and taking it. Please try it. You won't regret it, and probably see the good it does to you. I feel so much better, really. When I think about it, it only reminds me the weed (cannabis). It tastes nothing like weed, but the good it does to you is very similar, if not better. I just would like to say something more about cannabis and hemp. Hemp is legal and it is really cannabis. I believe it is the male plant of the Cannabis Sativa. I also believe that that plant can grow flowers, and have seeds, and that you may not notice the diference between hemp and illegal cannabis, in appearance. The taste?.. It's great I think. I think the difference between that hemp flowers and the other weed flowers in something that we don't really notice. Besides, we could make with the hemp resine many things. Thanks :)


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