The truth about the spirit

Hi!.. It's been quite a while. Been to the Boom festival last year. Dificult experience. But a happy one. People always told that in those festivals it was all peace and love. And it is!.. Love everywhere. So so peaceful... Everybody smiles at you. I had weed after 9 years. Boom!.. Then I stopped. It's ok. Don't miss it. the spirit is alive. The spirit of love and especially the spirit of freedom. Freedom is something very worth fighting for, always. Freedom to love and dream, and aknowledge your deepest feelings. There is a sense in desire, and in having been a teenager so long ago. Sex is very real, and I think it should be treated with the maximum softness, with the maximum true feelings. Like with love itself. Of course sex means the survival of the species and it's in our instincts, and so. Pretty much ok. But do you talk about it?.. With your friends maybe?.. Are you honest enough , for yourself, to understand the truth or reality of your deepest feelings about love and sex?.. of course I have already watched porn.. But I spent my entire childhood, from a very very young age, thinking about it and especially dreaming about it. now, the child that I was hasn't disapeared from within me. I just became more complete. Good times and bad times. Long for the good times and watch out for the bad times. The hummingbird spirit isn't something that you let go easilly once you find it. let your heart beat free. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Heart exercises. Very rewarding. Thank you!.. Be back soon :)


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