The truth about the Heart

Hi!.. Our heart isn't very complicated. Either you love or you don't love. Either you hate or you don't hate. We have within us a rainbow of emotions that we can feel, and that are always at our disposal. So, if you love your heart, why wouldn't you feel?.. Why wouldn't you cry, or laugh?.. I am not lonely, not really really. Emotionally, I could say that I am since I haven't married so far. I haven't found my twin soul yet. But I am always near my mom, and she's so great. I kind of miss interacting with people, and it's not just to go out and have a beer (or two...). I miss friends that are so close to my heart, I miss being really close to them and watching the sky or so. In the Boom festival, it was a real revelation, since I found a whole new world of friends that have so so much in common with me. Goa trance and so. My heart isn't in stress.. Neither I am sad or nothing. I just kind of wish I had a different life. Legal weed, maybe ;) People talk a lot about the problems with alcohol.If it's taken with moderation, it cannot do much damage. It's very "psychoactive" ;)The same with weed. If you really want to destroy yourself, weed can only help you. Maybe with other things too. To me, It's not by forbidding people to possess (lol) such a thing that you will change things. It's not a weapon ;) Much less for consuming it. I guess I would vote yes for the legalization. Maybe other people think otherwise, and that certainly is not a problem to me. It's a strange thing, the weed problem. But, to me, in the end I can live a perfectly good, happy and nice life without it. Time will tell ;) But, at the same time, I can say that I dream about it practically every night :D So, I keep on dreaming, and making my dreams come true :) I have so many dreams, of composing music, learning things, dating pretty girls. Time will tell. Just keep calm. Very very calm. Thank you so much :)


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