Hi!.. New post. Life isn't just sex. We are much more than that. We have this ability to dream, and to make our dreams come true. Believe it or not. We should never loose hope, like we should always search for everything we want, and need. I could think: I don't deserve this much, or something. That is so not me. I really don't have much. But if I want it, I'll go out and get it, or try. Humans are supposed to be free. They are supposed to be created in the image of God himself. Humans will always fight for freedom and justice. That can't be stopped. Dreams can become true, first of all, in the sense that we really are the masters of ourselves, of our body, mind and soul. See this. Do you feel your body needs to change?.. I do. Sometimes a lot. You must remember to always keep your back straight, as much as you need. The conscioussness of straightening your back, and keep it straight for some time is so important. Imagine your back as a straight line. You can do it sitting in a chair, or lying in your bed. People can't stop dreaming about what they will become, their body. It's not by chance that our body evolves through life. It's by will. It' by conscioussness. Physical exercise can be just great. I like better Tai-Chi movements, at least for the time being. Our body can be very mysterious. It can seem almost like it will take forever for us to change. Personally, I believe it is a lot in the Karma Dharma duality. I mean, if you take something, maybe like a pill, or a plant, it must do an effect to you. So you have the right to choose what you take and how or how much you change. You always change with what you take, see?.. Even the air that you breathe makes you change. Or the water that you drink. One can get harmed with this kind of think, and be in trouble. But also one can find stability and especially hapinness. This is what I believe. Thank you for listenning. I'll be online :)


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