Hi!.. Freedom. What is freedom?.. What is liberty?.. What is this feeling that I can do just about anything I want. I feel free, in my heart also. I feel free to love, to dream, and to be happy. Always. I feel free to fight for my ideals, and to protect the ones I love. I never lost my freedom, except. It's in the past, it's almost out of the memories. But at the same time I know that that is especially what I will never forget. I always like to say that every problem has got a solution. No need to despair, I say. Fear is a real emotion. Fear of many things. I like to say that fear is kind of the first human emotion, in some way. Fear is an emotion that keeps us out of trouble, I think. If one searches deep into his feelings, he or she can find the fear of many things, I guess. And emotions are powerful. Very powerful. Emotions mix with our reality, I could say, but especially they mix with our body a whole lot. One can set his body's energy going and flowing by the means of emotions, I think. We should not be afraid of our own emotions, I am not I think. It's such an intimate thing. Like we should not have problems in being very emotional. It's so spiritual, isn't it?.. Our body thanks us for our emotions, It's so true. You breathe better, you feel stronger, you are happier. Sadness is another emotion, but I avoid it. Already had enough sadness in my life to last me for 1.000.000 years ;) I protect myself from being sad again. And I don't like to see the ones I love sad either. Thank you!.. :)


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