Trance World

Hi!.. I like very much trance music. Not really electronic music in general, but some songs, and very especially some trance bands. Trance does really make me happy. It activates my soul. It makes me dream. It makes me transcend. It does me so much good. It's therapy!.. My therapy!.. Trance is health (and wealth) for the soul, and the spirit. It makes me wanna dance, and it also connects me to my ancestors. It makes me feel so warm, and so alive. It's so advanced. It's a miracle of technology, and I can only thank to the artists who produce it, those melodies, those 7/8 minutes songs. I like owning those original 16 bit digital audio Cds, with the original artcover printed in special paper. I like all my Cd boxes new, and shinny. And I also like to go to trance parties. A lot really!.. Here in Lisbon, the scene isn't much developed. It's a pitty. Maybe soon. I would also like to have parties during daylight, and not always at night. I like those pretty girls that show up in those parties. I like being free to smoke in those parties. I like the loud sound. Some people don't like trance. It's ok. I also don't like some kinds of music. To make good trance, one has to get back to the original sounds, and systems. Atari. Commodore Amiga. Midi. Tell me, from what year are the sounds you like more?.. From 1996?.. Why?.. What happened in 1996, that trance was so good?.. 1996, to me, was a strange year. It was the year I lost my worst fear ever. And I did loose it. The fear. It was the last year something terrible happened to me. Maybe forever. People have this thing about themselves. If they say: I will never do this again, they won't , really. And there's nothing gonna make them think or feel otherwise, ever. Neither they forget what happened to them. Ever. This is reality. This is love. And there's no life without love, is it?.. Love is strange, in a way. There's the love of the mind, and then there's the love of the body, like loosing the virginity, or something. Jesus loved us!.. so they say. He sacrificed himself for mankind, and after 2.000 years, we are still loving Him too. I love Jesus. I believe, from my heart, that he died in the cross, and then came back to life, in the Holy Land. At least, he's alive in my heart. So alive. Having sex with someone may not seem easy, to some people. I like sex. I like my body. I like to dream, and think, and watch pretty girls, maybe on the net. My human identity loves the human female identity. I believe I can have a child, if I would want it. It hasn't happened yet, but I think about it. I often think about time, and not dying. I think about changing from reality, and going away, somewhere else. I am happy, but life goes on, all the time. I desire to smoke cannabis. A lot!.. It kind of absorbs me. It also frustrates me, cause there is none available. Not now. I also think much about having some in my pocket. Or about plants in my room. No problem. No stress. If there is some in stores, I will get it or not. It's all cool. Ok. I will continue soon. Thanks :)


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