To my Friends and the Sun

Hi!.. I would like to write here something in honour of all my Friends. Also in honour of our Star, the Sun. I like my friends. There are people that I like. Boys and girls. I like the sun. I like it's warmth, and light, and I can hardly imagine how big he is. I like to be with my friends. On the internet, and so. I like to communicate. I like to express myself, and sharing my points of view. I like to feel good, and at peace, even with myself. I may have problems, but I am sure it's absolutely nothing that can't be resolved. I have strenghts and weaknesses, I am human, but I can change. I do!.. I can change just about all that I want, in a natural way, I believe. So, one day, a good friend of mine can come to me, and say:"I need to change too!..". What can I say?.. Well, I can say, practice some sports, make some physical exercise, walk for some time, it's ok, I guess. But, there are some very specific exercises that we can make that are very good to you, and that are very easy, and very specific, and that can "do the trick", see?.. Breathing exercises. Inhale, exhale. A few times. Pulling some weights, if it's not very heavy, can help. Moving your hands , feet, and head. Moving your fingers is very good. And there is the point of view of what you eat and drink. Water can never be enough; I mean drink as much water that you can take, it is so good to you. And, there is the whole flour cooking. Try to eat some food made with whole cereals. It really detoxifies you, believe me. There is also the hemp, if you like it. Beware of the sugar, it's not very good to you, though the whole sugar is better. Always rest as much as you need. Because if you don't, trouble may be coming your way. This is very important, and as much (enough) rest can do very , very good to you, the opposite, as to not resting enough, can become an unbearable situation. One last thing. Can you see the sun with your eyes closed?.. :)


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