My Mother and Father: My Family, Me

 Hi!..  I was born when my Mom was 35 years old. I am the last of five children. Three girls, and two boys. The first thing I remember of all my life, is driving in a car, in the backseat, a VW beetle, of the old ones. The car was grey, and I suppose I was pretty young. I was driving home, nearby. Everything was kind of grey, and with many colors. I remember a young boy, very blond (in that ocasion). Maybe it was my neighbor friend, who lived in the top floor of my building, and who is still my friend. He is now married, and has three children. I remember very, very clearly my brother, who was eleven years older than me, and who was about 1,90 meters tall. I remember having a shower with him, and sleeping in his bed. We lived in the same room, all the time. Almost all our lives. Then, I remember fighting with my Sisters.. But it was not really fighting. It was more like a bad playtime. I remember being dressed as a girl. I asked my Mom, and she said (I think) that it was a Carnival (Mardi Gras) dress. I remember very clearly going to school, maybe in the first day, and all. I was very pleased at that time, and I enjoyed playing with my new Friends. One of them is still today, my Friend. He was married and has three children. I remember a girl from my class. Veronique. She was blonde, and had clear Blue eyes. I liked her very much. Maybe too much... I remember some teachers, especially before High-School. Then I got out of that school, and I went into High-School. Things were different, but I managed. The first year was pretty much ok. Then, at the end of the second year, I had a breakdown. But, I recovered, and I made it though my studies, without failing. Then came the third and final year of High-School. It was an absolute disaster. He he he... I failed, of course, and I only succeeded graduating from High-School at the third time. Then , I was living in Algarve, the South coast of Portugal. The next thing I did was practicing Kung-Fu. I had already tried it, for one year, and liked it very much. So, I started practicing, again. My Master, well, I like him very much. He is my Friend in Facebook. He is So perfect. He teached us to feel the Energy, and to just let it flow, like the flight of a Bird. Those were magical times. I got the third degree, and I learned my technique. I used to practice at home, right before the training, like my Instructors told me. And I learned it well. So well, that I wrote it all down, in some pieces of paper. I still have them, and I scanned them. They are on the cloud now. And on CD. Time passed, and I didn't do nothing special, for many years. Then, in 1996, I heard Trance for the first time. It was called Techno, at that time, still. I went almost crazy. There was no Internet still at that time. I only had Internet since 1998.  I met new Friends. Friends that I am very , very proud of being their Friend. Boys. Girls. Pretty girls. I can't say that those were bad times. I had fun. I went out at night, in my City. In 2005 I bought my first computer. It was a Pentium II 350 MHz, in second hand. I was in a Professional School, then, studying. Soon came my first Trance CDs. Boom!!!.. Astral Projection. Doof. Antiloop. I used to study hearing those CDs. I got the average of 18/20, in my first course. Then, right afterwards, came the Multimedia course, in the same School. Those were really good times. Trance. Nice Teachers. Nice Friends. Nice computers. I graduated with 16/20. Then, I worked for some time in a company, but I quit. I wasn't happy. Now, I am studying Hardware in e-Learning. I will finish soon. Then, if I don't get a nice job, I will study at home my Multimedia, and my Electronic Music Composition. It is my Dream. Technology, Creativity, Imagination, Love, Friendship, The Sound ;) and a really lot of Force (Energy) and nice thoughts just to live life the way that I want, and that I deserve, and that is (he he he...) my destiny. Now, I can really, really say that I am Happy. What do I want from life?.. Well, I just want this Dream, never to end. Ever. And , of course, I want a new Girlfriend. Maybe marry (he he he...). Maybe have children. Maybe live together. What I would miss the most, if I didn't had anything?.. Trance. I am beginning to think, that it is what makes me happier. ;) ;) ;)


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