The Way that we want

Is the Way the way of Peace?.. After all, are we warriors, or something?.. What are we fighting?.. Or who?.. There is really no objective answer to that. What does really worry us, in our day to day life?.. If we don't have a girlfriend?.. If we don't have a meal?.. What I think we must think is: there is a microcosmos, within ourselves, and there is also a macrocosmos outside ourselves. Where is the error?.. inside?.. Outside?.. Well, our "inside" and our "outside" evolve mutually, changings being made inside, then outside, then inside again, and so on.... It is a cycle. The cycle of evolution. We wanna be happy?.. we work it out. We wanna be healthy?.. we work it out. Work, work, work.... It's tyiring.. So, at the end of the day, we sleep well, and have nice dreams, .... Studying is working. It is. It is productive, so it is work. We live in a world where there is a unconscious sense of justice, and of what is right and wrong. We may sometimes feel that there are people who aren't righteous. Who trouble us. Why not not wander too much away from Home?.. I don't drive. I don't have a driver's license. But, I am ok. But I have a Home, with Internet, and a computer. I try to stay at home as much as I can. I like it. I have fun, and I work, at home, mostly. I am not afraid of going outside. At least, not too much.


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