Hi!..I am here to tell you a little bit more about myself, and all the things, and ideas that I have, and that I would like to share with the World.
I am going to tell you things, that I find interesting, I am going to show you pictures that I've made, and I am going to show you a little bit more of myself, since I find this new Internet a "one of a kind" oportunity to make contact, and, eventually receive feedback.
Who do I think I am?..Well, that's clear to me..Of course I am a Hummingbird...Because, only a Humminbird could listen to as much Trance Music as I do, and , also, "dare" to be as Happy as I am...Yes, because Hapinness isn't hard to find, no... Hapinness comes from the simplest things that someone could find, like a good health, or Sunshine, or breathing fresh air... I , sometimes, consider myself as a Shaman... My heart beats fast, and my brain comes alive... I guess my brain beats like the heart of the hummingbird, and my heart beats like the brain of the hummingbird...It's not so hard... Sometimes I hear about the power of the mind over the matter, and, now, I understand that there is a sense to all that... The Sun guards my spirit... and the Earth guards my Body.... I am not afraid... Why be afraid?... Fear is an "extreme" emotion...We must also not fear fear itself...I, not long ago, talked with some friends, and I said : "Don't let your emotions take control of you; take instead control of your emotions". Well, that's wise, isn't it?... : )


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