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My Mother and Father: My Family, Me

Hi!..  I was born when my Mom was 35 years old. I am the last of five children. Three girls, and two boys. The first thing I remember of all my life, is driving in a car, in the backseat, a VW beetle, of the old ones. The car was grey, and I suppose I was pretty young. I was driving home, nearby. Everything was kind of grey, and with many colors. I remember a young boy, very blond (in that ocasion). Maybe it was my neighbor friend, who lived in the top floor of my building, and who is still my friend. He is now married, and has three children. I remember very, very clearly my brother, who was eleven years older than me, and who was about 1,90 meters tall. I remember having a shower with him, and sleeping in his bed. We lived in the same room, all the time. Almost all our lives. Then, I remember fighting with my Sisters.. But it was not really fighting. It was more like a bad playtime. I remember being dressed as a girl. I asked my Mom, and she said (I think) that it was a Carnival (M…

The Way that we want

Is the Way the way of Peace?.. After all, are we warriors, or something?.. What are we fighting?.. Or who?.. There is really no objective answer to that. What does really worry us, in our day to day life?.. If we don't have a girlfriend?.. If we don't have a meal?.. What I think we must think is: there is a microcosmos, within ourselves, and there is also a macrocosmos outside ourselves. Where is the error?.. inside?.. Outside?.. Well, our "inside" and our "outside" evolve mutually, changings being made inside, then outside, then inside again, and so on.... It is a cycle. The cycle of evolution. We wanna be happy?.. we work it out. We wanna be healthy?.. we work it out. Work, work, work.... It's tyiring.. So, at the end of the day, we sleep well, and have nice dreams, .... Studying is working. It is. It is productive, so it is work. We live in a world where there is a unconscious sense of justice, and of what is right and wrong. We may sometimes feel th…

We Are The Masters of our own Universe

Really liked these true images


Hi!..I am here to tell you a little bit more about myself, and all the things, and ideas that I have, and that I would like to share with the World.
I am going to tell you things, that I find interesting, I am going to show you pictures that I've made, and I am going to show you a little bit more of myself, since I find this new Internet a "one of a kind" oportunity to make contact, and, eventually receive feedback.
Who do I think I am?..Well, that's clear to me..Of course I am a Hummingbird...Because, only a Humminbird could listen to as much Trance Music as I do, and , also, "dare" to be as Happy as I am...Yes, because Hapinness isn't hard to find, no... Hapinness comes from the simplest things that someone could find, like a good health, or Sunshine, or breathing fresh air... I , sometimes, consider myself as a Shaman... My heart beats fast, and my brain comes alive... I guess my brain beats like the heart of the hummingbird, and my heart beats like t…